Foreign secretary meets President Trump to reach ‘free trade deal’

IMF Trump warning

Dominic Raab the Foreign secretary has met with President Donald Trump and vice president Mike Pence during his first visit to the US since taking office.

In a brief statement Raab said, “I was delighted to meet the president and the vice president on my first visit to Washington as Foreign Secretary.

We appreciate the president’s warmth and enthusiasm for the UK-US relationship.

“The UK looks forward to working with our American friends to reach a free trade deal that is good for both countries, and co-operating on the common security challenges we face.”

Raab said the he had a series of “wide-ranging talks” with Pence including China, Iran and a post Brexit trade deal.

On Wednesday Raab is to hold a series of meetings with senior figures to include the national security advisor, John Bolton and the secretary of state Mike Pompeo.