Experts warn office workers to be aware of their posture

workers bad posture

Research has shown that back pain is one of the leading reasons for absence at work, with around three million individuals citing it as a cause for sick leave last year.

Sick days costs UK employees in the region of £29 million a year, so encouraging those who are particularly susceptible to developing bad posture such as office worker to pay attention to how they sit is a worthwhile investment.

Ensuring any screens are positioned at the correct angle and at eye level can help reduce pressure on the neck and spine, which can cause debilitating back pain.

Make sure the back is straight, with hips, ears and shoulders in line vertically is essential to good posture and spinal health, as is taking regular breaks where possible to move around. Where necessary, request ergonomic furniture or accessories from your employer to keep your posture positive.

Mario P of NeckStar, said, “We spend a big portion of our lives working, so it’s essential to make sure that we pay attention to our posture during this time to avoid injury and illness.

“For employees, it makes sense economically to ensure your workers have information and equipment they need to minimize any discomfort which could lead to long-term damage and subsequent sick days, which cost your business money.”