UK Independence Party

Leader: Lord Pearson of Rannoch
Deputy Leader: David Campbell Bannerman

  • Leave the EU
  • Take tax off the minimum wage by raising the tax threshold to £11,500
  • A 31% flat tax rate
  • Phase out employers’ NI contributions over five years
  • Axe government quangos
  • Release businesses from 120,000 EU laws
  • Replace VAT with a ‘Local Sales Tax’ to help councils and local businesses
  • Create one million new skilled jobs with public and private investment in a five-point public works
  • programme to provide defence equipment, nuclear power stations, flood and coastal protection, transport infrastructure including high-speed rail lines, and new prisons
  • Abolish costly EU schemes such as carbon capping, emissions trading, and landfill taxes
  • Amend the UK Takeover Code to prevent foreign interests from gaining control of strategic British companies