Divorce app amicable raises nearly £500,000 to help reduce the cost & stress of parting ways

Amicable, an app which has developed a unique approach to help couples get divorced without having to pay lawyers, has raised almost £500,000 in funding.

The start-up, which was co-founded by investor and entrepreneur Pip Wilson and divorce expert Kate Daly, has secured backing from various business angels including Richard Stone and Tom Welch from Stone Welch Capital.

amicable’s technology simplifies the steps of divorce for couples and ensures that the divorce stays on track. This reduces the time it takes to divorce by up to 50 per cent. As legal letters and lawyers are not involved, this rapidly accelerates the process.

Through the use of specialist divorce coaches, amicable also supports people on their emotional journey, which aims to help couples reach fair conclusions that are future focused and puts their children first.

The investment will be used to continue developing the platform which has already helped hundreds of couples to divorce amicably since its launch in late 2016 and to expand its customer reach.

Co-founder Pip Wilson said: “Our vision is to change the way the world divorces and to provide a lawyer-free solution that helps customers though the emotional journey of separation and family breakdown.

“We are delighted to have closed our second funding round with an inspiring group of angel investors who understand the social purpose of amicable and who can help us drive the business to the next level.

“With the addition of QVentures’ impressive network we were able to close the round quicker and get back to focusing on the business.

“Having already helped hundreds of couples through their divorce we are excited to be able to expand the business further and to continue to make a difference in fixing the broken divorce model.”

Robert Walsh, managing partner of QVentures, which helped connect amicable with a wide range of angel investors, added: “Amicable was a really exciting proposition for our investors, who were keen to fund an innovative and tech-driven solution for a genuine social problem.

“Family breakdown affects over 200,000 people in the UK every year, and amicable offers a smart and communication-focused way for couples to achieve more positive outcomes.

“The founding team of Pip and Kate were a big part of the group’s decision to invest. Pip is an experienced entrepreneur, who we knew well as she is a QVentures member, and who has a track record of using technology to solve problems.

“On top of this, Kate’s expertise in the divorce and family counselling space meant that the two of them together felt like the perfect team to make amicable a success.”