DBD supports £200M Government-backed nuclear deal which could lower UK energy bills 

DBD are assisting in the commercialisation of AMRs in the UK, which could drive down the cost of nuclear energy as well as deliver new, low-carbon energy options.

As part of an ambitious £200M Nuclear Sector deal announced today, the UK Government has set in motion a series of forward-thinking investment opportunities to develop the Nuclear R&D Landscape, with the aim to drive down the costs of nuclear energy leading to cheaper bills for UK customers.

The Nuclear Sector deal also includes a strong commitment to increasing the diversity of the workforce so that more women can take advantage of new dedicated nuclear colleges and national schemes. It will support up to 100,000 jobs overall in nuclear by 2021, and a significantly more diverse workforce with a target of 40 per cent women in nuclear by 2030.

Included in this deal is a £44 million R&D investment boost to kick-start the development of Advanced Modular Reactors (AMR’s) in the UK. This technology positions UK companies at the leading-edge of the worldwide nuclear energy development programme.

DBD are fully supportive of the strategic aims of this deal, and are delighted to be a central part of its focus on AMR’s. We have been successful in gaining grant funding to explore the feasibility of establishing an R&D programme based on a world-leading AMR technology. We are working in partnership with an international reactor vendor to realise the aims of the study and provide the UK government with clear information which can inform future policy decisions.  Our vendor’s AMR promises to deliver reliable, affordable, clean energy and enhanced functionality to the UK. 

Thomas Keegan, DBD’s Chief Executive Officer, said “I am so proud of my Different By Design team who are truly achieving our mission by solving the worlds most complex problems; this time sustainable, cost effective and low carbon energy.”

David Cuming, DBD’s Head of Emerging Markets, said “the new nuclear sector deal is wonderfully clear about the vision for the UK. As a stakeholder, we are fully supportive and welcome the investment in cutting edge technology, people, and ideas. We are also delighted to be selected for the Phase 1 AMR feasibility and development programme, alongside our reactor partners.” 

For more information about this exciting new initiative, visit the government website here – https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/nuclear-sector-deal/nuclear-sector-deal