Culture more important than money when accepting a job

job offer

New research released today finds that almost half of the population has rejected a job offer.

The wrong company culture and the candidate feeling like they wouldn’t get on with their new team is the most popular reason Brits have for not accepting a new role.

Behind ‘company culture not being right’, the research of 2,000 UK adults found that other reasons job offers are turned down in order of popularity are because ‘the final offer didn’t match the interview promise’ followed by ‘the role not moving their career forward’ and ‘the money not being enough’ coming in fourth place.

The research also found that London is the most likely region a candidate will reject a job offer with Wales being the least likely.

Men are almost 10 per cent more likely to reject a job offer than women and 16-24 year olds are the age group least likely to reject a job offer with those 55 and above most likely.

Wanting more money was most important to respondents from Northern Ireland, with Wales caring the least about monetary gain.

The research comes as hibob announces its partnership with Greenhouse, a leading applicant tracking system and recruitment software provider. The new partnership gives hibob clients the ability to track and optimise the recruitment process whilst showcasing company culture to candidates from the start – ultimately resulting in more informed applicants and fewer rejections from candidates.

Ronni Zehavi, Co-founder and CEO of hibob, commented: “Working with GreenHouse is a dream for us. We built our platform to put employee engagement at the heart and yet give businesses greater control of processes and smarter insight to inform decisions. There is no greater need for this than in recruitment. So; from optimising hiring strategies to cultural onboarding bob, with the help of great brands like GreenHouse allows you to complete the entire journey.”

Dane Hurtubise, VP of Platform & Partnerships at GreenHouse, commented: “To hire great employees and retain them, it’s vital for employers to have the right systems and workflows in place. Greenhouse is very excited to be partnering with hibob to help make HR more efficient and convenient than ever before.”