Costa Rican tree frog found in a bunch of Lidl bananas

Lidl has raised its basic wages to match those of its competitor Aldi in a bid to attract and retain staff.

A tree frog that originated from Costa Rica was found in a bunch of bananas at a of Lidl store in Nottinghamshire by staff on Sunday.

Hayley Day, RSPCA animal collection officer said, “The little tree frog was sat on top of some bananas which staff had started to unload and put on the shelves.

“I managed to get him inside a box with wet tissue paper inside to keep him moist.

“Staff seemed quite taken with him and called him Lloyd, he must have also had quite the shock when he emerged in a Nottinghamshire supermarket considering he’s used to more tropical climates.”

RSPCA Nottingham posted a photo of the frog on Twitter saying, “This little chap has had a big adventure and has come all the way from Costa Rica in a box of bananas to Lidl in Netherfield!

“This tree frog is currently being cared for by a vet with an interest in exotics!”