Cameron names his price for the UK staying in the EU

Working with the closest members of his cabinet Cameron has put together a four-point lost of demands that in essence make up the price for the UK staying in the UK.

According to The Sunday Telegraph diplomats have been sent to win support from 27 countries for the new plan.

Theses demands include:

An explicit statement from Brussels to state that Britain will be kept out of any move towards a European Superstate, with an exemption for the UK from the European Uninion’s founding principle of an “ever closer union”.

An explicit statement that the euro is not the official currency of Europe and the the EU is in fact a multi-currency union, in order to protect the status of the pound as a legitimate currency that will always exist.

A new ‘red-card’ system to bring power back to Britain from Brussels. Giving groups of national parliaments the power to stop unwanted directives from being handed down and to also scrap existing EU laws.

A new structure for the EU itself. The block of 28 nations must be recognised to prevent the 9 that are not in the Eurozone being dominated by the 19 states that are.

A new campaign will also launch this week to try to convince voters to stay in the EU after Eurosceptics launched their own rival campaign last week.

Diplomats believe that the plan presented is the most likely option to be accepted given the issues of negotiating successfully with 27 states.