Cameron: I want Britain to be the place for business & entrepreneurship

He also said that while he thought the government’s planned 0.5% National Insurance rise from 2011 was the wrong approach – he could not say he would “get rid” of it “until we can find a way of paying for it”, however he did reconfirm that this party would announce an emergency budget within 5o days of taking over power.

He said it was wrong to believe public spending would pull Britain out of recession – the government says Tory plans to begin cutting the deficit earlier risk deepening the recession.
“We are going to get out of this recession by trading our way out, by business deciding to employ people to create wealth, to go after new markets, to export,” Mr Cameron said.
The starting point to that will be a  £3,500 NI tax break for businesses who employ staff who have been unemployed for three months or more.

Home start-ups should be encouraged
He also outlined plans to change rules stopping social housing tenants from setting up businesses in their home, pledged to make Britain the fastest place in the world to start
a new company-more than halving the current 14-day process and lifting the insolvency threshold from £750 to £2,000 to protect small businesses.

“The message that seems to be coming out of Labour at the moment is ‘don’t start a business, don’t buy your home, don’t try and leave money to your children, don’t try and get on’,” he said.
“All of that is going to change. We need to get rid of the anti-establishment and anti-aspirational aspect in Britain.”