Business mindfulness set for take off after parliamentary report

Business Mindfulness is a new service that teaches individuals how to build self-awareness within the workplace, allowing for greater harmony between their environment, team and organisation. A focus on these areas simultaneously will create further synergies that improve company performance

“This report should catapult mindfulness into the mainstream”, commented Stuart Ross, owner of Business Mindfulness.

“The concept for business mindfulness has really taken off across the Atlantic, with companies such as Apple and Google implementing wide-ranging programs. It is however, still relatively new over here in the UK. Lost days due to stress related illnesses are estimated at 105 million, but what isn’t recorded is underperformance due to bad decision-making and lack of job fulfilment.

“The fact that mindfulness is now being recognised by the Government will encourage business owners to explore ways of getting the most out of their workforce, with the overall goal of increasing that bottom line.”

The Business Mindfulness service is bespoke to each organisation. A full programme will typically be implemented over a number of months and comprise a mix of workshops and individual coaching.

Stuart continued:

“Business Mindfulness takes the original concept of mindfulness but expands out in the commercial world. Covering the core areas that make-up and affect a business; environment, organisation, team and individual, Business Mindfulness works to create synergy between all four influences to improve overall performance.”

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