Brexit can be stopped, says Charlie Mullins as he joins forces with Vince Cable

Entrepreneur Charlie Mullins has explained why he has forged an unlikely anti-Brexit alliance with the Lib Dems – and hinted that he’d welcome Nigel Farage joining his offensive.

The founder of Pimlico Plumbers, a former Tory donor, has now thrown his financial weight behind Vince Cable’s push to reverse the EU referendum result, also suggested he would prefer a Jeremy Corbyn government to Brexit – despite his ardent support for the Tory party.

Business Matters columnist Mullins also funded a legal challenge against Article 50 last year, told James Whale and Ash on Talk Radio that “we need to put the message out that Brexit can be stopped, Brexit can be reversed.”

He also criticised the Leave campaign, spearheaded by Boris Johnson, for claiming Britain would get £350 million a week for the NHS as a result of Brexit. He said he’d spoken to many people who’d told him they would change their mind on Brexit had they known that claim was untrue.

However he also criticised the Government for its continuing failure in the Brexit negotiations, claiming Theresa May and her team are wasting hundreds of millions of pounds every day and this money could be better served in the health service.

When asked by Whale whether he’d welcome Farage, should the Brexit figurehead decide to switch sides in one of the biggest political shocks of the 21st century, Mullins hinted he’d be open to the idea, saying “there’s so many strange things happening out there.

“All I would say to anybody is don’t sit on the fence if you feel that we shouldn’t be leaving. Brexit can be reversed.”

Mullins also said he’d be open to a Corbyn government, even though he has ridiculed the Labour leader in the past and suggested he would be a disaster for Britain.

Mullins has also signalled his intention to stand for election as Mayor of London as an independent.