Copycats never prosper

Many have tried and failed.
You’ll always be one step behind, if not more. Because if you copy the market leader you’re always playing catch up with a competitor that has carved that niche, and filled it. No more niche.
Ok, one exception is Walkers Crisps. It copied Smiths, who, in a remarkable feat of arrogance slashed its advertising budget. Walkers then smashed it to pieces as the market leader.
Walkers did also, though, make its cheese and onion packet blue instead of the traditional green – very controversial at the time. So it did look to differentiate itself and get people talking.
You need to be different in some way.
If you’re not there is only one thing a customer will make a decision on: cost.
The reason this is in the forefront of my mind is lots of reports, the UK over, of copycat networks lifting elements of 4Networking’s format. 
4N is different.
The reason for our growth is because we copied nothing. Every fundamental of the network is completely different, and cherry picking some for a new set up just doesn’t capture the essence.
Think about this for your business: innovate, innovate, innovate, never stand still.
And remember: you’re never going to be market leader, copying the market leader.

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