Is my boss allowed to withhold pay and tell me to wear make-up?

New research has revealed the worrying search terms employees are Googling regarding their boss.

The employment law experts entered simple phrases such as “Can my boss”, “Can my manager” and “Is my boss allowed to” into the Google search engine to discover the questions most associated with these search queries.

While innocent search queries such as “Can my boss sign my passport’ were found amongst all three search terms, inappropriate employer related queries were also apparent in the query suggestions.

“Can my boss tell me to wear makeup” – popular Google search by employees in Britain

Google search data reveals that many employees are under pressure from their boss to look a certain way with “Can my boss tell me to wear makeup?” and “Can my boss tell me what to wear?” being amongst the most relevant queries for the search terms surrounding employers.

Worryingly, the research also suggested that employees are at risk of having their privacy invaded as queries such as “Can record me are work?” and even “Can my boss come to my house” were found the be common autocomplete suggestions on the search engine.

Search terms including ‘Can my boss withhold my pay?’, ‘Is my boss allowed to read my emails’ and ‘Can my manager change my schedule without notice’ all featured as autocomplete suggestions, suggesting many employees are being treated unfairly within the workplace.

Andrew Cullwick, spokesperson for First4Lawyers comments: “One of the worst situations anyone can face in life is being unhappy in the workplace – especially when it is a result of working for an inappropriate employer. We would advise anyone in a difficult workplace situation to make sure they are fully aware of their rights and to inform your HR department for any misconduct.
Alternatively speak to your solicitor who can advise you on the action you can take. ”