Bitcoin Capital attracts over $900k from investors in first few weeks on BnkToTheFuture

Last month a group of investors led by Goldman Sachs invested $50m in a Bitcoin startup company called Circle, after another group invested $75m into Bitcoin exchange – Coinbase, including an investment from the New York Stock Exchange, bringing the total reported venture capital investment into the sector to over $800m and forecasted to surpass one billion dollars in the coming months.

A new fund has been launched on equity CrowdFunding platform that allows investors to benefit from the growth of the Crypto Currency sector.

The new fund, called Bitcoin Capital will be managed by financial journalist, virtual currency inventor, entrepreneur and investor Max Keiser, and Simon Dixon, an ex-investment banker, investor, entrepreneur and co-founder of BnkToTheFuture.

Aimed at investors that want to invest small and large sums into the crypto currency sector, Bitcoin Capital is not only a venture capital fund that aims to invest in the highest growth startups in the Blockchain, Crypto and Bitcoin sector, but the fund also offers investors the ability to accumulate daily dividends paid out in Bitcoin.

Traditionally investing in venture capital is a patient game, taking years for companies to mature and be sold or float on a stock market to offer investors a high risk, high return investment. To combat this, Bitcoin Capital is able to pay investors daily dividends by investing one third of all funds raised into a process called Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining involves investing in sophisticated hardware that provides security to the Bitcoin network in return for newly created Bitcoins. Because new Bitcoins are created every ten minutes, Bitcoin Capital is using these newly created Bitcoins to pay investors daily dividends while investors wait for the funds in venture capital investments to mature.

The fund also invests in a portfolio of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies to give investors full exposure to the growth of what is now being called the ‘Blockchain sector’, named due to the fact that more and more companies are making use of the technology that underpins Bitcoin – the Blockchain.

Since the fund launched on equity CrowdFunding platform, the fund has already attracted over 500 investors and will continue to raise funds for the next 7 days. Investors that are new to the sector can invest small from as little as $100 and use Bitcoin Capital as a very easy way to start accumulating Bitcoins, while learning more about the sector by using the currency and other Blockchain technologies themselves.

Max Keiser said “I have been critical of the traditional financial system for many years on my show – Keiser Report. I was the first global news outlet to cover Bitcoin when it was trading at $3 recognising its potential to change the world. Many startups in the Bitcoin space credit Keiser Report for getting them started in the business. Bitcoin Capital allows the founders and investors to experiment with new crypto financial business models and currencies to transform global finance.”

Simon Dixon, CEO and co-founder of BnkToTheFuture said: “We have developed a model for finding startups to invest in which involves them initially CrowdFunding  through the Crypto CrowdFunding site – StartJOIN, and then Bitcoin Capital may be able to top them up if they successfully raise their funds through an equity offering on We are bringing different alternative finance technologies together and make them easy to use”

Simon Dixon added “At the same time as investors benefiting from any growth of the sector, we are able to offer investors daily dividend determined by the mining process. We are able to do all the geeky things like running mining rigs in Iceland and buying coins on exchanges that investors who are new to the sector are unable to do. Thanks to our experience and involvement in the sector from very early on we are able to combine these new models of finance together.”

Simon Dixon concluded “There is so much happening with peer to peer, CrowdFunding, Bitcoin and Blockchain technology that it is taking the investment community and financial sector by surprise. We know the sector inside out and provide a very easy way for investors to get started and be directly involved in the future of finance. If the sector turns out to be as big as we think it will be, investors can benefit from the growth of the alternative finance and Bitcoin sector as a whole”

You can see a video that explains more and follow the live campaign here.