Bet365 to recruit more than 90 extra staff for Manchester office

This comes at a time when Bet365 is looking forward to expanding its boundaries in a bid to cater for a wider audience. This explains why they recently opened a satellite office in Spring Gardens, Manchester last year.

Regrets expressed by head of systems development, Warren Hughes

Warren Hughes said that they had under-estimated the period it would take to fill up 60 vacancies. This period was initially estimated to take between 6 to 12 months – a plan that never came to fruition because the company was not able to achieve that goal within the stipulated time frame.

The recruitment had been done in phrases as Bet365 continued to acquire more room for the increasing number of employees it was planning to bring aboard. They initially hired some 85 employees and hoped to increase that number to 150 in the fullness of time.

The next phase of recruitment is expected to go smoothly

The company has confessed to the fact that Manchester is equipped with a pool of talented developers. This has prompted the company to set the bar well above average, thus attracting the finest of developers in the industry. However, what impresses them is the fact that the new office has grown tremendously since it was set up last year. This success is attributed to the fact that employees who work here are highly skilled in what they do best, hence productivity is what comes into the fore when such a team is hired.

According to Bet365, the team has closely worked and collaborated with their developers at Stoke, and this teamwork has yielded a significant work pieces. Among them is their recently developed HTML 5 website geared towards desktop users.

The next recruitment phase now consists of hiring workers from all levels. The company says that it will hire team leaders, tech leaders, senior developers, junior developers, and project managers.

The company currently has a unique set of technical challenges, and these problems are only helping Bet365 attract the finest brains in the industry.

How busy is Bet365 workers on a typical Saturday?

Hughes says that their employees tend to be very busy even on Saturdays. A typical Saturday is busier than most ecommerce sites are during a black Friday, says Hughes.

And part of the reason why their employees seem to be busy is because the company is looking to expand its development framework in Manchester. This will allow developers to conduct cross-training in new technologies. This would include training on programming languages such as Elixir and Erlang.

The company is currently working with 5 teams who are experienced in software development and testing. They develop software for games, sports, trading as well as customer account management.

Now in 2017, they will be looking at mobile as well as middleware expansion if that will be a feasible undertaking. If they succeed, then the company could see a significant upsurge in the number of individuals taking advantage of the highly touted bet365 Bonus.