Apostrophe? You’re fired, says Apprentice finalist

The 24-year-old provoked a stream of criticism after appealing for advice on whether the name of her new cupcake business required punctuation, reports The Telegraph.

“Can you all help me out as I’m crap at grammar,” she wrote. “Is it bakers toolkit or baker’s toolkit with an apostrophe?! X”

One stunned Twitter user responded: “You’re kidding, right?” as others queried how she had managed to get so far on the hit BBC ONE show.

A stream of advice from rather more well-meaning followers informed her that it should be either Baker’s Toolkit or Bakers’ Toolkit, depending on the number of intended bakers.

But she then enraged the grammar zealots further by declaring that regardless of the rules, she simply preferred the way it looked with no apostrophe at all.

“I like the look of bakers,” she wrote. “Would it be terrible to stick with bakers?”
Twitter user Matt Adams replied: “You can’t change English grammar even if it does look better on logos!”

When Zissman responded: “Think I’m going to!!”, he pleaded: “But why?! Why deliberately make a mistake in the title of your business for no good reason?!”

The business, an online firm selling baking supplies, is expected to launch later this year, seemingly minus an apostrophe.