Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Fund in Talks for Heathrow Airport Stake Alongside Saudi and Qatar


Reports suggest that the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund is considering an investment in London’s Heathrow Airport, potentially joining forces with Saudi and Qatari investors.

The potential deal, as reported by Bloomberg, could see the UAE’s Mubadala Investment Company partnering with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and Qatar’s Investment Authority to acquire stakes in the West London Hub.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, Mubadala has been approached by Ardian, a France-based firm, to explore investment opportunities in Heathrow Airport. Talks are said to be ongoing, with no final decision reached by Mubadala regarding its participation in the deal.

Last year, Spanish firm Ferrovial SE sold its 25% stake in Heathrow to PIF and Ardian for nearly £2.4 billion. However, other shareholders holding more than a third of the airport are reportedly part of a “tag-along” agreement, which necessitates their participation for the deal’s completion.

If successful, this investment would mark the third Middle Eastern investor in Heathrow Airport, raising concerns about Gulf influence over critical UK infrastructure. While discussions continue, the outcome of these talks could significantly impact the ownership structure of one of the world’s busiest airports.

As stakeholders navigate negotiations and potential partnerships, the evolving landscape of Heathrow’s ownership underscores the importance of balancing foreign investment interests with national security and strategic concerns. Further developments in these talks are awaited as stakeholders assess the potential implications of this proposed investment arrangement.