Why using Instagram can boost your business


Let’s face it. Everyone has an Instagram account these days. Your favourite local and international celebrities, musicians, painters, artists, models, entrepreneurs and all kinds of personalities are on Instagram posting about their days.

Instagram is the perfect platform to use when building a brand. Audiences of all ages, races and genders are on it. What’s great about is though is that, even though you have such a wide network of possible markets for your brands, it is still easy to actually target specific people relating to a specific brand and do niche marketing. In fact, if you would like to learn more about Instagram and its latest features, then we recommend this blog post by Revive.Digital.

We found it to be highly insightful and informative. If you need more convincing that Instagram should be a huge part of your business, then read on.

Easier Customer Engagement

With Instagram, it will be easier to engage and reach out with your customers. You can optimize your news feed by using videos and photos while boosting it with hashtags that would be able to target like-minded people.

You can choose to upload short or long videos that could capture the attention of your market. If you have a lifestyle brand, you can put up your own series using the IG TV feature. For a more intimate and relatable content, you can opt to upload snippets that would introduce your brand to your viewers via IG Stories. If you are a baker, show your customers your baking day with photos and 15-second videos of your baking process.

You could even build networks and relationships by engaging your customers through polls, questions, and so much more. This way, it would be easier for customers to respond so you would be able to get their insights – in a way, it also serves as a free marketing study.

Building on Influencers

These days, you don’t have to be a celebrity to gain thousands of followers. An ongoing trend nowadays is to follow influencers. Social Media Influencers are more relatable because they seem like normal people without the celebrity status.

A lot of brands are gearing towards having these influencers try out their products or services, so that they could give their own unbiased testimonies which would then influence their following. When you maximize the potential these influencers have, you would be able to build your brand’s authenticity and even gain the trust of your consumers.

The great thing about partnering with social media influencers is that you will have people with the same likes, dislikes and lifestyles – giving you a niche market on its own. Where else can you find the majority of these social media influencers? Of course, on Instagram!

Bring People to You

On Instagram, you can use hashtags, location tags and links to drive people where you want them. Are you a restaurateur and you want more people to come in your restaurant? Focus your content on highlighting the interiors of your restaurant, the ambiance, the dining experience, and the people all the while tagging the location on all of the posts.

Do the same strategy with your social media influencers and you just might find people flocking to your restaurant to eat. Do you have an entrepreneur and you find your online sales have a hard time catching up with your retail stores? Do a special collection of your items on IG stories and directly link your e-commerce website to drive people there.

All you have to do is use these specific features of Instagram to direct and navigate your market, and they will slowly know their way to you.

Brand Building

It doesn’t matter if you are a small scale entrepreneur or if you already have 5 retail stores in your portfolio. No matter how big or small your brand may be, Instagram will surely be one of the best platforms to build up your brand. It’s a good business starter but at the same time, it can also be a good business booster for those who want to upscale and expand.

The great thing about Instagram is that you do not need to undergo a special course or training in order for you to be able to maximize its features for your brand. You could easily learn it on your own by reading blog posts, watching YouTube videos, or by simply experiencing it first-hand.

Mobile 24/7

One of the advantages Instagram has over Facebook or Twitter is that it was built with mobility from the beginning. Meaning, people are so used to having it on their phones that more than 500 million users from the 800 million active ones are actually using it daily! That’s a whole lot of people you could introduce your brand to.

The beauty that the mobility Instagram brings is that people have easy access to it, giving them the opportunity to go through their feeds on it a couple of times in a day. It’s just a matter of having an effective Instagram strategy so that you could easily build your brand around this.