Why small businesses should invest in SEO

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Over the last few years, the business world has finally caught up with the tech giants and has made SEO an integral part of it’s marketing campaigns.

Once an investment that seemed unessential, now businesses around the world are investing a pretty penny on SEO work and using it to help establish and grow their businesses.

Far from being an unworthy expense, SEO is an essential aspect of modern marketing and is something that should definitely be invested in.

In most cases, if done correctly, investing in SEO can have remarkable pay off and can help businesses to reach unforeseen heights.

There are hundreds of ways and reasons that you should be investing money into SEO and in this post, we are going to consider some of them in depth.

 It works really, really well

Unlike traditional advertising that often feels fast-paced and ‘here today, gone tomorrow’, SEO is likely to be a constant and permanent project.

Yes, SEO is constantly changing, updating and evolving with new businesses springing up and algorithms shifting. Yet, whilst it might be ever-changing, it’s something that is never going to be irrelevant.

Grapefruit, a leading SEO agency London, talks on the matter; “Unless we witness a dramatic shift in online habits or people’s behaviour changes dramatically, search engines are likely to remain key to our current lifestyles”

For this reason alone, it is therefore worth investing in developing your businesses SEO because it could offer pay back for years to come.

It’s cost-effective

If you are entirely new to the SEO game, then it probably will cost you a fair bit of time and money in the first instance. But in the long run, that investment will probably trigger a noticeable increase in income. For most businesses, employing an SEO agency is an entirely worthwhile investment as that money is quickly made back.

It’s on the go marketing

These days, most of a business’s target market will have access to a smartphone, even our tech-phobic grandma’s have one and this poses a unique opportunity for businesses. Unlike traditional marketing techniques that require your audience to be in a specific place and at a specific time, the internet allows us to be constantly targeting people.

Whether it’s a computer search, a tablet search or a mobile search, in most cases, these will all be using some sort of search engine. This is a tool that cannot be ignored, and you should definitely be tapping into this.

A clever SEO strategy will ensure that you appear high on those engines in searches for whatever products or services you are offering. This makes your brand convenient, relevant and on the go.

It builds credibility

Our lives are pretty fast and whilst the millennial and younger generations are increasingly tech, security and data savvy, most of us don’t have the time to spend ages investigating or researching a given company.

The higher up in a search engine that your business appears, the more likely that a customer is to trust it. There’s an unspoken assumption that there is a link between a business’s credibility and its placement on search engines. This is an assumption that should be utilised as much as possible.

If you are a new business, this is even more of a reason to invest in it.

Ignoring it is damaging to your marketing mix

If investing in SEO can be hugely beneficial to a company, then ignoring it can be equally as damaging.

Unless you run a high-street store, or some other type of property-based business, the chances are that you are going to be reliant on the internet for success. In the past, businesses relied on word of mouth for their business to grow but in our fast paced, ever-changing, consumer0based world, it’s not enough to rely on that anymore.

SEO and social media allow for this to be countered and for all businesses to be household names. 

Your competitors are doing it

When it comes to SEO – and aside for the big boys in the business world – everyone begins on equal footing and it all depends on how you use it. In that sense, it’s a tool that offers businesses a unique opportunity and there’s a good chance that your competitors are already investing in it.

Bearing in mind what we’ve said about SEO and assumed credibility, can you really afford to ignore it?