Tweet your way to a better business profile

The non profit event to be held at Iris Digital on the 20th May is being sponsored and supported by Sky News, Telegraph, Iris Digital, Sun Microsystems, 6Consulting, Tweetmeme, Winston & Strawn Bootlaw, Times Online, Capital Business Media and Gorkana.

With speakers from mainstream media including BBC, The Times and Sky and their new media counterparts from Frontline Club and TechCrunch with a number of respected technology critics, commentators and academics scheduled to attend.
This event shows how the industry is starting to look across commercial boundaries to debate the impact of emerging trends such as twitter as the advertising and publishing markets feel the strain of the recession.

Laura Oliver, said of the event “Being part of this is
important as it is an opportunity for us to discuss what twitter and
similar services will mean for industry going forward. Critical to that
is that this event is independent and non profit allowing a neutral
platform for discussion.”

Early bird tickets are available from £35 at