Three examples of awesome co-branding

In the world we live in today, one of the most important things that we can see is companies working together.

Instead of creating negativity and competition where there previously was none, companies can work together and brand as one. Partnerships and collaborations of this kind are usually pretty damn powerful, but some examples can be a little more out-there than you might have expected.

To help you see what we mean, here are three examples of co-branding that worked very well together in the past. So, what are some of the more out-there suggestions?

Siemens and Disney

As one of the largest telecoms brands in the world and one of the largest entertainment companies, it makes sense that Siemens and Disney would make such great partners. This venture has been a massive success for both sides, meaning it’s the very definition of a successful co-branding experience.

It’s one of the best examples of what happens when two companies from totally different backgrounds and industries see the potential of working together. With Siemens and Disney, it might sound like an odd match but the work both have done together in the past is pretty impressive.

 John Deere & Hempflax

Now this one is a little more sensible, but still is a very innovative way to bring two companies together that we might not immediately put together. Hempflax is a very impressive business involved in the hemp and cannabis industry, and have played a very important role in helping to change many perceptions.

Meanwhile, John Deere is one of the largest producers of the best agricultural equipment on the planet. Therefore, they make rather obvious bedfellows, and together they created a very specific industrial hemp harvesting machine. The fact that John Deere does not have any other co-branding in this very specific marketplace (that we could find) is impressive, though.

BMW & Louis Vuitton

Now, flash cards tend to be driven by those with flash clothes. That much is a given. That being said, though, the rich combination between BMW and Louis Vuitton is very impressive indeed. Not only does this look absolutely sensational, but the combination between them both to try and create ‘the luggage of the future’ was pretty innovative and impressive for all the right reasons.

However, these three examples are just a small sample size of the many examples of businesses co-branding in markets that might not seem traditional, but work exceptionally well.