How to market your cosmetics business

Marketing your cosmetics business can be difficult, and with so much competition, it can be more than challenging to break into the beauty/cosmetic industry.

The cosmetic industry isn’t limited to pretty eye makeup palettes or luxury skincare either, laser tattoo removal London, for example, is just one popular treatment that hundreds, if not thousands, of people undergo each year to remove their dreaded mistake from the surface of their skin. Here’s how to market your cosmetics business:

Create A Buzz

Potential buyers want to see a considerable buzz around your product. Not only does a buzz around your cosmetics business suggest that the products you sell are high-quality and worth the hype, it suggests that your brand is reputable. Few people buy from a brand they have never heard of before, or are sceptical about buying from, especially when it comes to buying cosmetics online. With so many counterfeit sites on the internet, making sure your cosmetics business is seen as creditable is essential! Customers intend to purchase beautiful, thoughtfully designed packaging that hints at the quality of the product inside. This just shows that you need to pay attention to making luxury cosmetic packaging design that reflects beauty.

A great way to create a buzz is using social media. Not only does the use of social media enable you to market your cosmetics business on the internet with ease, but this will be the first place many potential buyers will visit before making a purchase, so you want to make a great first impression!

Be On Trend

The next best way to market your cosmetics business is to be bang on trend. Whilst trends change on a regular basis, it is still possible to be on trend – even if you plan to launch your cosmetics business in three months’ time! A great way to be on trend is to keep up to date with what is currently trending in the cosmetics industry in all parts of the world. Many cosmetics businesses in the UK, for example, closely watch trends in Southeast Asia for inspiration.

Find Your Niche

In the crowded cosmetics and beauty sector, one of the best ways to stand out from your competition and effectively market your business is to carve out your own niche. Identify what makes your business different and use this to find your target audience. For example, natural beauty companies such as market themselves in the natural skincare niche and target to their marketing to consumers interested in these types of products.

Look For New Brand Campaigns

If you are new to the cosmetics market, don’t panic! A great way to get your name out there is to look for new brand campaigns, suitable for unknown brands. Boots, a popular health and beauty retailer, for example, look for new brands to feature in their ‘BeautyFinds’ campaign, and if you’re lucky enough to be chosen, your cosmetics business and products will feature in stores across the UK!

Trade Shows

In order to lift your cosmetics business off the ground, we suggest participating in trade shows similar to what Zapp Laser Studio, a tattoo removal clinic in Bristol does.

Even though you will be required to pay for your exhibitor booth, beauty events and cosmetic business events are fantastic opportunities to market your business to prospective customers, representatives and distributors alike. CosmeticBusiness, for example, is just one international trade show perfect for those in the cosmetics industry. Whilst these trade shows are a lot of fun, don’t forget your cosmetic company’s business card!

Attractive Deals & Discounts

Whilst you can post hundreds, if not thousands, of flyers through people’s doors, marketing your cosmetics business doesn’t have to be limited to reaching out to popular brands, attending trade shows or even getting admired influencers to review your products. A great way to attract new customers fast is to offer a good deal. As well as offering a discount, such as 20% off first purchases, consider buy-one-get-one-free opportunities, or sending a free gift with every purchase, such as a small cosmetics pouch.

Whilst the way you choose to market cosmetics business is entirely up to you, don’t expect it to become an overnight phenomenon or compete with the likes of Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown or Charlotte Tilbury immediately. Marketing your cosmetics business will take time, and a lot of patience! In order to attract retail beauty buyers you need to be on trend and certainly be on social media – deals you score with brands are just a bonus! Good luck!