The social media tools to outperform your competitors in 2019

social media

Social media tools are becoming the ultimate way to get an advantage over competitors.

All companies are now using primary social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to market their products or services.

The success of a business is now tied to how well a company uses its social platforms to serve customers, respond to their feedback, and inform them about its products or services.

To help in social media management, social media management tools have come into play. With the right tools, a brand can easily outperform its competitor through content creation and posting. Here are some of the top social media management tools, albeit in different categories.

Lead Generation Tools


If you’re looking for social media tools to generate leads for your brand, consider OptinMonster, which helps you to engage visitors just at the right time. It has one of the stunning features in lead generation that helps in building popups, lightboxes, and landing pages that capture leads. OptinMonster also helps marketers to share their best performing content over Facebook Messenger.


Audiense is a strategic social media management tool that allows you to discover new target customers and segment them. Its primary role is to help marketers understand their audience and what makes them tick. If you have a better understanding of your customers, you will be able to create good relationship with them through your social media platforms. Audiense can be used as a tool for optimizing your audience engagement through social platforms.

Buyer Persona Tools


Socedo is a unique social media tool that discovers various people on social media that fit a specific buyer persona. If they fit your buyer persona, they will be directed to your site for segmentation. This is a very specific way of getting the right buyers. Segmentation helps you to create content and marketing promotions that are only relevant to a particular segment.


Socialbakers is a suite of social media tools that help marketers to make critical decisions based on the data from their followers. It can be used to measure the difference between your performance and that of your competitor and use the difference to improve your performance. It is an essential social media tool, especially in monetization, customer acquisition, and retention.

Security Tools


ZeroFOX is one of the most reliable security tools that are popular with various social media platforms. If you fear hackers might take control of your social media platforms, you need to use ZeroFOX for protection purposes. ZeroFOX has added benefits such as eliminating impersonation profiles, removing offensive content and protecting followers against scammers. Every marketer will need to have this tool because the security of social media accounts is becoming a major issue of concern.


LastPass is an essential social media tool to have for social media management. Its primary role is to save passwords in its password vault. Marketers have been using LastPass to create very strong passwords for their social media platforms.

Some of the necessary aspects in a strong password such as numbers, random characters, punctuation, and lower/uppercase letters are present. One of the major benefits of LastPass as a social media management tool is that you only have to keep the master password.

Generating leads, customizing your customer needs, and protecting your social media accounts is a primary necessity in the modern business and marketing world. NetBase is your partner in generating leads, engaging your customers, and providing the necessary security for your social media platforms.

We’ll help you to find the social media tools that are designed to achieve these metrics. Reach out for AI guided tools that will improve business result.