The future of SEO for online businesses

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SEO has changed radically in the last decade. Search results have become more accurate than ever.

There is a constant effort to ensure that web users get their desired search results within a fraction of a second and that has led to nonstop experimentation with search algorithms and keyword usage. Those who are making an effort to make the SEO industry as a whole function in a more customised manner are the same people who should deserve the most credit.

These people have predicted some fascinating theories about SEO and their role in online business activities and online searches. Here is what the future holds for the search engine landscape:

RankBrain and AI will dominate SEO trends

Artificial intelligence is a thing for the future and if you thought that RankBrain, being one of the top three search ranking factors of Google is a big deal, you have no idea what these two can combine into.

Imagine a situation where you are thinking of the Oscar-nominated movies of 2017; or, let’s make it more specific. Suppose you are thinking of Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri and the moment you type “Th”, the search engine automatically displays the details of this movie. That is the power of AI combined with RankBrain.

They have the ability to learn the pattern of your searches and understand the content that you are interested in.

From an online business point of view, if someone is looking for graphic t-shirts, their search engine will instantly list some of the best websites in this category.

This helps to get search results quicker while being highly accurate at the same time.

User experience will become increasingly valuable

SEO will not just remain a platform that improves keyword research and helps to rank businesses higher in the search engines. Search results will become more customised and you will see what you want to see in fewer clicks.

“That is why Google is paying so much attention to the pattern of the searches of web users. Real Guest Blogging, a digital marketing company, has started taking a more comprehensive approach by creating content that will entice users to interact with the different elements on the web page.”

Companies will have to research their target audience extensively so that they can understand the type of content they like and accordingly prepare their own content in an engaging format. Search Console and Google Analytics will become key to understanding the user experience of the website.

AMP will become crucial

So far, the top search engines used only a single index of documents while producing search results. But with the advent of smartphones, they now have to use two indexes; one for the desktop and the other for the mobile version. In fact, mobile phones have become more dominant.

That is why the search engines have implemented the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project that will not only improve the search results but will also increase the speed at which a website loads on mobile devices. A recent statistic has proven that almost 53% of people leave a site that does not load within three seconds or less.

So, online businesses will have to be on their toes all the time if they want to become successful in the future. SEO is here to stay, but constant changes must be expected as the major search engines strive to deliver the most accurate and relevant results for their users.