Four types of content to ensure you can create a successful website

Leadership positioning content
The benefits of thought leadership content has broad reaching application throughout marketing communications activities, but keenly attracts high levels of interest from the industry, your competitors, customers and prospects.
It needs to be more in-depth than other content but remain relevant to your business. This will go a long way towards establishing your brand as a market leader.
One way to accomplish this is to include commentary on the more high-brow issues that face your customers whether that be the innovation of new technology, science/health concerns that might affect your industry or corporate responsibility issues.
Another good tip is to involve someone from senior management as the author/spokes-person for a particular campaign.
Traffic driving content
A vital first step in the attraction and engagement of web visitors, traffic driving content needs to be short, relevant, timely and regular.
As the most time-consuming type of content to produce, traffic driving content typically falls to the marketing department to produce and includes blogs and company PR news.
The rise in value of content marketing means that more companies who want to drive more traffic are looking to News Content providers such as Vertical Leap to push fresh, quality news stories that carry keywords essential to the business but also are relevant to the customer. When you think ‘Traffic Driving Content’ the new word is – News news news!
Make sure your news stories are posted to a variety of channels including search engine news pages, social media outlets and the website to garner the maximum reach and maximum links.
Lead generative content
This differs from Traffic Driving content and can also be considered under the banner ‘educational content’. It is the engagement part of the content mix and should be written for the purpose of enticing web visitors to stay on the website, learn more about your business and incite a follow up from the lead generation team within your company.
Typical successful content types include:
  • Whitepapers
  • Research documents and survey results
  • Guide papers
  • Product reviews or brochures and more.
Success Story Content
It may seem obvious but at Vertical Leap we see many websites that do not push their customer success stories via content marketing.
These successes do not have to be full case studies, although this is desirable. Successes could include;
  • A testimonial library
  • Press releases
  • Regularly updating client comments page.
Whatever your business can provide, there is room for your marketing team to use it as part of the content marketing strategy.