The effectiveness of online marketing

The BNTouch mortgage marketing software belongs to a category of tools called customer relationship management (CRM), which are designed to facilitate a host of business processes.

Advertising is an art–a skill that, when used correctly, helps a business grow.

When you think about it, advertising is the bread and butter of business, and if you’re hoping to get anywhere with a business, you better use everything at your disposal.

     That’s right, I’m talking about online marketing.

I don’t need to sit here and tell you that the world has shifted into a digital landscape because you’d have to be blind to not notice. However, looking at some businesses, you’d think we still live in the early 90’s.

Online marketing is important, if not your main source of advertising. But how effective is online marketing and, more importantly, how can you maximize effectiveness?

The Effectiveness of Online Marketing

Many studies have been conducted testing the effectiveness of online marketing, and many will tell you the same thing: It works, though some companies refuse to indulge it.

That right there is all there is to say about the effectiveness of online marketing. Just like any other form of advertising, it’s effective only if you use it and use it well. However, many companies refuse to take this to heart. So, if you’re looking to get a step up, there are ways to increase your effectiveness with online marketing and they’re all simple.

Keep Up With Events

Adaptation is a key element in running a long, profitable business, and marketing is no exception, but since online marketing is, well, online, you can easily adapt to changes in fads instead of regretting that billboard you rented.

For example, let’s take a look at the Wendy’s Twitter account. Before their Twitter popped off, Wendy’s was just another fast food restaurant–slightly worse than McDonalds, substantially better than Burger King.

But when Wendy’s decided to use their Twitter account for online marketing, the fast-food chain quickly became a symbol of this generation. The people behind the account keep up with the latest trends, memes and events in an attempt to keep themselves–and their brand–relevant.

And it works.

Due to the jokes and marketing incorporating newer pop culture content, relevancy is kept at an all-time high.

Social media overall is an amazing marketing channel for you and your business, granted you use it effectively. But for now, let’s move on to the other important half of online marketing: paid ad campaigns.

Paid Ad Campaigns

You may be familiar with paying for advertising on TV or in the local newspaper, but what about a paid campaign?

Now, paid ad campaigns tend to bleed into social media marketing, which is why I bring it up. Instead of simply running an account and making jokes or using current events to your advantage, you can pay for advertising space on someone’s Twitter timeline. Some companies even pay streamers and other online influencers to advertise their products for the company, taking all the hassle out of the company’s hands.

There are many forms of paid ad/marketing campaigns, but if you can afford it, it’s by far the easiest option for increased traffic to your business/


Whether you’re letting people know about your VPN coupons or trying to flip a few items, advertising is essential, and online marketing is your best bet to a relevant business. However, local marketing is still important, especially for smaller businesses.