The top 6 social media automation solutions to use in 2019

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Is the year 2019 the year of social media automation solutions? Without a doubt.

If you do not use social media automation platforms yet, you are very likely to start using at least one now, after reading our short article.

We are going to show you a few great social media automation solutions that you can use on a daily basis. Don’t be scared – automate your tasks!

Social media automation with NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat will be of help for you when it comes to a social media posting schedule. However, it allows you to do more than just to schedule posts. With NapoleonCat, you can keep an eye on analytics throughout social media platforms and generate reports. It also offers a handy social media inbox where you can handle requests and messages from your clients. If you need a complex social media management suite, this one will hit the jackpot for you. More information about this tool can be found at

Social media automation with IFTTT

If you already use some apps, you may be thinking how to make your work even more productive and automate even more processes. IF This Then That, known as IFTTT, pairs tasks, apps and devices, giving you access to powerful integrations, including social media automation. You can create your own “recipes” from scratch or use some of the premade rules generated on the platform. You never knew you always needed it.

Social media automation with Chatbotize

Let’s say that you need to deal with many clients on Facebook, on a daily basis. They keep clogging your inbox and you, instead of thinking about a new set of social media tactics, need to answer them all. It is time-consuming, isn’t it? How about using some social media automation solutions to build an intuitive and user-friendly chatbot that can help you with customer service on social media (and not only) or marketing activities, such as contests or quizzes? This kind of bot can support community management and give you some space for building a strategy around it, as well as increase customer satisfaction. Give it a go – you may get addicted.

Social media automation with RocketLink

Among all of the social media automation tools, RocketLink stands out for automating your targeting abilities. Adding special pixels and personalized call-to-action buttons to the content you share can result in building a custom audience you can use for your marketing campaigns on social media. Doing it manually would take a lot of time or would not be possible at all.

Social media automation with Mention

Do you want to know what people say about you on social media, but you don’t know how to check it out? Social media automation solutions like Mention automate the process of finding mentions and help you reach them quickly. Managing your online presence with precise monitoring is crucial for your company’s reputation. That is why this kind of social media automation tools is crucial for social media strategy.

Social media automation with Grytics

Groups are getting increasingly more popular on Facebook. No wonder that more and more brands decide to manage a group. They focus on creating content and interacting with members, which is great, but it is often lacking any analytics. If you want your group to grow, you need to take a look at statistics and analyze them in order to find the best performing posts. Grytics allows you to do this.

Sum it up

There is no exaggeration in saying that social media automation solutions can really save the day. All of those tasks that in the past had to be accomplished manually can now be completed with a little help from tools or can even be automated completely. As great as it sounds, we should not forget that social media automation tools won’t do all of the work for us – we still need to do our best and reveal our creativity to interact with the desired target groups. If you combine high-quality community management with the right selection of useful social media automation software, you will definitely be onto a winner.