Should you use Instagram Bots


Smartphones and social media platforms have taken over our lives. A study has shown that around 2.77 billion users are on social media.

Anyone who owns a smartphone must also have Instagram, which is the second most popular social media platform with approximately 2 billion active users.

Instagram is specially designed for influencers and business purposes. It helps a brand to gain brand affinity and the social presence of the business. Now, with each passing day gaining followers on Instagram is becoming quite a hectic task. So, to overcome this issue, a tool has been designed called Instagram Bots.

Now, those who are marketing their services and products via Instagram should use Instagram Bot. There are more than 60% of the business owners who own the Instagram account.

What is Instagram Bots?

Instagram Bots are specially designed to help people perform actions like liking, commenting, as well as, following other’s accounts automatically. Well, a lot of people think that they can smoothly perform these actions, but the problem is it requires a lot of time and effort.

With an Instagram Bot, one can plug in parameters such as specific hashtags or accounts to be a target. There are so many Instagram Bots services like Mass Planner, FollowLiker, Instagress, and more.

Does using Instagram Bots safe?

Well, Instagram Bots might bring the danger of getting banned for a real Instagram account. Now, if a person is looking to grow a social media profile of the business, then Instagram Bots are best for the accounts.

As it is said that every good thing is followed by equally bad situations, the same thing happens in the Instagram Bots case also. Using Bots may lead an individual’s account getting banned for a lifetime.

Moreover, the majority of Instagram Bots available on the market uses the original Instagram’s API without its permission and anyone can buy 5000 instagram followers. When anyone reads the Instagram Bots terms and conditions it is stated that users can’t access the API of the original Instagram application.

A big question comes in mind that — Is there any alternative available to Instagram Bots?

Now, any individual can create his/her Instagram account without this Instagram Bots or automation tool. In fact, there are a lot of other ways with which an individual can grow an audience or brand on Instagram. The manual method consumes a lot of time to create an account; however, the good thing about it is this method can help avoid violation.

Additionally, there are a lot of alternatives to Instagram Bots available right now in the market, and some of them are Mass Planner, Instagress, and FollowLiker.

The Conclusion

Well, Instagram Bots sounds good to automate the Instagram profile of an individual, brand, or business. It can save a lot of time as well as efforts of people by scrolling Instagram feed and liking, commenting, and following others. The ultimate goal of Instagram Bots is to boost the brand presence on social media.

Share your experience of using Instagram Bots and tell us what you like the most about it. For any queries or suggestions, comment below.