New online system launched to help cut marketing spend

Brandweaver enables businesses to produce a range of marketing materials online – from direct mail to POS, banner, email, brochures, web and advertising. The system is designed to act as an online artwork creation and print management facility, as well as a centralised communication, reporting and budget tracking system.

For smaller businesses which don’t have the budget to invest in high-end marketing software, Brandweaver offers the opportunity to create a bespoke, web-to-print system free of charge for the very first time. The system will allow a business to enhance its brand by producing regionally-relevant, premium materials at the same time as controlling costs.

Jonathan Royle, Marketing Controller for TCG, comments, “Since we started using Brandweaver, we have saved an average £7,000 per month on artwork creation and 16 percent on our printing costs. This adds up to a significant saving across the year and with no set-up costs involved, there has been no barriers to prevent us reaping the immediate rewards.”

“Without a system like Brandweaver, businesses of any size have to deal with inefficient processes, pricey one-off print jobs and a lack of brand control. There are other web-to-print systems available on the market, but they are basic, inflexible and can cost up to £40,000 just to set up,” comments Scott Wallace, MD of CO3, the provider of Brandweaver.

“There is a real need for this system, especially in an economic climate where competition is tough and the need to control costs is stronger than ever. Our system is advanced in its functionality but extremely easy to use. We wanted to make it as accessible to a one-man-band as it would be to a major retailer or printing business. We are really proud of this solution and are delighted with the interest we have already received from a number of large and small businesses across the UK,” adds Wallace.

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