Need to tackle your conversion rate of product sales in time for Christmas? UXDX lineup has you sorted


Business Matters speaks to hundreds of SME’s each week and there’s not been one that hasn’t had to pivot and alter their offering product online in some way.

With the lockdown restrictions lasting another six months and Christmas fast approaching, now is the key time to understand why sales of your product aren’t converting and the best thing to do to alter it so that they are.

One bonus of covid cancelling physical events is that a number of them have pivot very quickly and gone online. Europe’s fastest growing product conference is one that’s gone virtual, it’s happening in early October and it’s speaker’s can’t be ignored. Business Matters is talking to Parul Goel, Head of Product at Paypal next week ahead of the conference, however we thought it only fair to alert you now of its presence so you can register.

Watch, learn and apply. Just in time for Black Friday and Christmas. Understanding your buyer’s product needs has never been more crucial 

It’s going to deliver over 35 hours of online content including 40 keynote talks and panel discussions from global industry leaders, and over 15 workshops. Without the physical restrictions, UXDX are introducing On-Demand talks.

Catherine Madden, co-founder of UXDX said, ‘Some conferences are looking to replicate an offline conference, but online. We think this is missing a huge opportunity for improvement. We’ve looked at what online can offer that physical events can’t, to give attendees more control.

‘We are releasing 10 talks Netflix-style each night for attendees to watch in their own time. This allows participants to get much more involved in the interactive speaker sessions, where they can answer those burning questions, and the workshops, where they can hone their skills. We are facilitating easier networking, through curated Birds of a Feather sessions and relevant 1-on-1’s to take away the challenge of finding people with similar interests. And to wrap it up we have a fourth day dedicated to workshops and conversations about what you have learned over the previous days.’

Rory Madden, co-founder of UXDX said, “Like a lot of industries this year, UXDX has had to pivot but we quickly recognised the opportunities an online conference presented and we couldn’t call ourselves ‘digital transformation’ evangelists if we didn’t rise to the occasion.

‘Without any systems in place we ran our first online community conference within one week of the lockdown. Instead of building the perfect system we got an MVP in place and we kept experimenting with our different events over the following months.

‘The system we are building for our October event is very different to what we thought in March. This is the essence of what Digital Transformation is trying to deliver – the ability to react, iterate and learn quickly so that you can build products that are much more aligned to customer’s real need, and therefore successful.’

UXDX 2020 to tackle 70% digital transformation failure rate with Continuous Learning Programme

In addition, UXDX is launching a new and comprehensive Continuous Learning Programme designed to address the 70% digital transformation tech industry failure rate*. The monthly workshops will take place online and will focus on three main categories that drive actions within organisations: People, Processes and Tools.

Now in its 5th year, the popular event gathers over 2,000 CTOs, CIOs, product managers, UX researchers, designers and developers together to share best practices on how teams adopt and change to improve product delivery in organisations.

Organisers have secured some of the most authoritative voices in product, here’s a few that you will find relevant:


Marty Cagan, Founder, SVPG

Jeff Patton, Founder, JP Associates & Author of User Story Mapping

Parul Goel, Head of Product, Paypal

Benoit Tepereau, VP of Product, Deezer

Lindsay Silver, VP of Product, Condé Nast

UX / Design

Jeff Gothelf, Author of Lean UX and new book Forever Employable

Lynsey Thornton, VP of UX, Shopify

Chris Grant, Global UX Director, King

Lowell Goss, Head of Design & UX, Reddit


Rebecca Parsons, CTO, Thoughtworks

Peter Wang, CTO, Buzzfeed

Dana Lawson, VP of Engineering, GitHub

Taking place on October 6th – 9th 2020, UXDX 2020. Register here. This is not an advertisement, it’s an event that we think is highly relevant for you right now if you’re in the business of selling online.

Cherry Martin

Cherry Martin

Cherry is Associate Editor of Business Matters with responsibility for planning and writing future features, interviews and more in-depth pieces for what is now the UK’s largest print and online source of current business news.
Cherry Martin

Cherry is Associate Editor of Business Matters with responsibility for planning and writing future features, interviews and more in-depth pieces for what is now the UK’s largest print and online source of current business news.