How To Maximise Google Ads Results With A Low Budget

Being restricted to a low advertising budget might make you think you can't get very far. Some people will even tell you always need to spend more to get ahead.

Being restricted to a low advertising budget might make you think you can’t get very far. Some people will even tell you always need to spend more to get ahead.

But a low budget doesn’t have to prevent you from creating successful ad campaigns. You can still make the most of your money when building a Google Ads campaign. PPC ads are a good choice for businesses with smaller budgets. With the right strategy, you can get impressive results from your campaigns.

If you have a budget on the lower end, look at these tips to maximise your budget and get more from your Google Ads campaigns.

Structure Your Campaigns Correctly

One common mistake people often make when setting up Google Ads campaigns is failing to structure them properly. You need to be organised if you want to get more from your campaigns and give them a good chance of helping you reach your goals. When you start setting up campaigns, organise them based on your goals or specific themes. You can then manage your budget for each objective, giving you more control over your spending. For example, you might create different campaigns for specific geographic locations or products.

Within each campaign, group keywords together to give yourself even more control. Grouping similar keywords together allows you to write very specific ads that are more likely to convert.

Connect Google Ads and Analytics

It might seem obvious to some, but you don’t want to forget to connect your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts. Google Ads will tell you information about how your ads are performing, but Analytics will give you more in-depth information about what happens when someone is on your website. Analytics will give you important metrics such as bounce rate and conversions. You’ll also be able to see the path visitors take through your website after they’ve clicked on an ad. This will allow you to see the real impact of your ads and what’s working.

Use Targeting Tools

One benefit of online advertising is that you can reach a wide audience. However, sometimes, your audience can be much too large. It’s only possible to show your ads to people if they’re relevant to them. Instead of casting your net out as far as possible, it’s important to make use of targeting tools and target only the people your ads are intended for. Google Ads allows you to target by location, language, interests, and habits. You can also use remarketing to target people who have already interacted with your ads.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

When you have a small advertising budget, you’re going to struggle with targeting any keywords with high competition. These are likely more expensive, and larger brands with much bigger budgets will outbid you. If you want to choose more effective keywords that you have a better chance with, choose long-tail keywords instead. These longer keywords are more specific and usually have less competition. They often help target customers who are further along in their buying journey, too.

Get Professional Help

Hiring professional help for your Google Ads might seem like another expense that will stretch your budget. But it could mean you save a lot of money and make the most of your small budget. If you try to run PPC campaigns with little knowledge of what you should be doing, you could make a lot of mistakes before you figure it all out. When you use a PPC advertising agency in London, you immediately benefit from their expertise. They can use their knowledge of Google Ads and your industry to create the most effective ad campaigns to reach your goals.

Keep Monitoring and Adjusting

It would be great if you could take a “set it and forget it” approach to Google Ads. But the truth is that you need to continually monitor and adjust your PPC campaigns if you want them to perform well. It’s important to determine what’s working and what isn’t and make changes when necessary. As you monitor what’s happening with your campaign and what results you’re getting, you can continue to refine it. The longer your campaign runs for, the more you will be able to see what works and what doesn’t.

A low budget can continue you from making the most of Google Ads. You can still create successful campaigns that get real results.