How to find a suitable SEO agency


If you have your own company, regardless of its size, you need to have a great SEO strategy if you want to be successful.

The best way to ensure that your SEO campaign is top notch is to work with a reputable SEO agency but finding a good one can be easier said than done. Let’s take a look at the best ways to find an SEO agency that works for you.

Interview a few SEO agencies

Just like finding the right candidate for the job, finding the best and most suitable SEO agency for your business should involve an interview process where you ask them some key questions.  

Think about the most important questions beforehand so that you are prepared. Examples of questions you ask could be about the type of content they’ve provided in the past, what their area of specialization is, who their main competitors are and what their approach is when working with clients.

In addition, a reputable agency will be able to tell you what keywords they rank for and how they can help you determine the best keywords for your target audience.

The way in which they answer your questions will tell you a lot about the quality of their work!

A good SEO agency knows how to build links organically

When it comes to SEO, quality is definitely better than quantity and this is true for link building as well. It is always better to have a few good quality, organic links, than a massive amount of links that come from questionable quality domains as this can harm, instead of improving your SEO ranking!

Reputable SEO agencies such as Digital Current have a sixth sense for how best to build links and they can help your website to rank higher in Google via links that originate from high quality domains that are relevant to your specific industry. When link building is done in this way, it tells Google that your website is trustworthy and legitimate and Google, in turn, will rank you higher. 

They should have an expert team of digital marketing specialists.

Your SEO campaign is only a small component of your entire digital marketing strategy and it therefore makes sense that the agency you decide to work with will have expertise in all areas of digital marketing.

For example, Digital Current has a team of digital marketing specialists that specialize in areas such as optimized content, graphic design, PR and developers.

When your digital marketing agency can help you with all the above aspects, you will be more likely to have a website that is perfectly optimized with great content, and one that is user friendly and looks fantastic.

Have a good understanding of their prices

There are so many SEO agencies out there and it therefore goes without saying that prices will vary. Some agencies advertise extremely low rates that seem too good to be true, while others charge exorbitant prices. Does this mean that the agencies charging the highest rates are the best, and does it also imply that low-cost agencies produce poor quality work? Not necessarily.

It is always a good idea to try and understand what is included (and what is not) in the price quoted. If an agency is any good, they will be more than willing to give you a breakdown of their rates. You will often find that you pay more because you will have an entire team of digital marketing experts working on your campaign.

Many very low cost agencies are either charging attractive prices because it is a one-man show that has just started the agency, or the agency does not have enough qualified employees to do the job properly. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule but generally speaking, the lower the cost, the poorer the quality is likely to be.

 Have a look at their own website

Finally, one of the most basic ways to check whether an agency is reputable or not is to have a look at their own website. Is it visually pleasing, is it easy to navigate and does it give you a good impression?

Remember that an SEO agency will never be able to optimize your website and improve your SEO ranking if their own website is not of the very best quality.

Other tell-tale signs that you need to aware include spelling mistakes on their site, lack of originality and poorly written content.

At the end of the day, if you want your website to rank as high as possible, try and work with an agency that provides top quality work, even if it means paying a little more!