How to create a great design for branded company mugs

Branded Mug

Businesses are always looking for ways to stand out ahead of the competition and what better way to do that than to have a logo or design emblazoned on a coffee mug that everyone potentially can use.

Clients to whom you offer a cup of coffee, your staff and so on, the cup is there as a continued reminder of who you are. Having a branded mug lets your client see that you are serious about your business and that you have pride in your business. It gives the impression of a professional organization who can be trusted. For staff, it is great for their morale too, allowing them a sense of ownership in their daily tasks, it does far more than just simply advertise your brand.

There is the potential to be able to send gifts to your clients either as a mail shot or at an event like Christmas, perhaps instead of the usual Christmas card. There are lots of ways that you can potentially use and distribute your mugs and it may also be an idea to have them distributed for use in a forum like a seminar where there are a number of potential clients who would then be drinking from your mug, but how would you create that great design for your branded mug? After all there is a great deal of psychology that goes into colour and design. Here are some tips for designing your mug.

  • Make sure that the mug you choose is durable. You have to weigh quality against price. There is no point in choosing a poor quality item just to have it break or the colours fade after a few uses.
  • What about the size of the mug? Should you be thinking of using more than one size? It is often the case that people like big mugs of coffee and tea.
  • Choose a unique design, avoid copying styles and ideas, think of your client group and think of the style of design that would appeal to that group.
  • Try not to be too overwhelming with your choice of colour and remember that it is often the simple designs with fewer colours that attract more attention. It is also cheaper to use fewer colours in your design.
  • Can you think of a relevant quote, people love inspirational lines.
  • Incorporate your design with your company logo, you want to become a brand that people remember so if you can bring the colours in from your logo and use a relevant quote, all the better.
  • You may well want to make sure that you add your contact information,. There is no point in advertising your brand when your clients are unsure of how to make contact. Remember that your mugs may find their way to people who are not directly involved with you.

Having a company mug from a reputable mug store is certainly a helpful strategy but the design process has to be well thought out, after all there is no point in pouring company profits into a venture which is not going to yield benefits in the long run.