Content Marketing – What Is That?

The content must provide some benefits to the reader in order to be considered valuable. People must interact search for it and share it. To get a better understanding of content marketing, we have created a list of few well-known examples.


Generally, these are long graphics that show statistics, charts, graphs and various information. A professionally created infographic can drive traffic towards your website for years, as they are getting increasingly popular on  social media.

The graphic must be designed by a professional, but be prepared to pay a lot for one. Agencies and contractors can cost you a lot. Thus, we suggest looking for a qualified freelancer.


Podcasts are getting more and more popular around the world, and they can drive large amounts of traffic towards your brand. For example, Michael Hyatt, a best-selling author, receives around 250,000 downloads a month.


Videos can have a powerful impact on the customer’s mind, and they are an excellent marketing method to grow your company. Many people believe that content marketing through videos and podcasts is a daunting task. Thus, business owners rarely use it, but those who do enjoy significant benefits.

These are just three examples of content marketing, and there are plenty of other ways to reach a wider audience. Other wonderful examples include ebooks, books, blogs, presentations and even professional web pages

Why Should You Choose This Type Of Marketing?

content marketing definition by Outbrain is highly useful by businesses as it fills a demand for information. Read further to learn about the customer’s buying cycle and what useful information we can get.

  1. Awareness – Your content must show that there’s a possible solution for their demand.
  2. Information – After learning the fact that there’s a solution for the thing they require, customers will try to educate themselves on the topic by performing a research. That’s where your website comes with its valuable information
  • Product Research – After getting all the information they need, the customers start comparing prices with your competitors. That’s where you have to provide the most value at the best possible price.
  1. Finalization – This is the last step, when the customers makes his final decision, pays the product or service and leaves happily.

Traditional advertising works best for the last two steps. Content marketing reaches the client from the beginning, and it can make the difference whether he will proceed to the other steps.

The great content must persuade the individual to become your customer before they even initiate a call. It can create a sale before you even know that someone has an interest in your product or service.

What’s more, content marketing can be incredibly inexpensive. All you need is excellent writing skills and a couple of hours to spend on the creation of valuable content. Moreover, the content can become even more famous if it gets shared on social medias and it also benefits search engine optimization incredibly.

Don’t wait for your competitors to crush you and start while they are unaware of the advantages the content marketing provides.