8 aggressive marketing tactics that actually work

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If you already have a basic understanding of advertising and marketing, you probably know that being over aggressive can create negative impressions.

However, there are some forms of aggressive advertising that are still very effective when used properly. The key is to ensure that all marketing efforts are geared towards audiences that are predisposed to taking an interest in your ad or promotional offer. In other words, many people don’t mind when you’re shoving your brand in their face if you’re offering something that they actually might want.

With that said, here are eight aggressive marketing tactics that still work in today’s ad-blocking world and probably always will:

Targeted Telemarketing

Note the italicised emphasis on the word “targeted.” Calling up random people and trying to deliver a pitch can wind up being a discouraging waste of time, especially if you’re not a trained telemarketer. Believe it or not, professional telemarketing services are still incredibly effective at lead generation, and Prospect Research is a good example. They’re the UK’s leading telemarketing agency who help businesses to develop a strategy that will engage their audience correctly. Think about it this way: would there be active call centres all over the world right now engaging in telemarketing if it weren’t a profitable practice?

Distributing Printed Materials

Walking up to random people and handing them business cards or flyers might be a bit too aggressive, but you can use more subtle and targeted variations of this to spread brand awareness tastefully. For example, you can try to find local businesses that will put your business card or poster on display in their shop, office, or lobby. While it can be easy to fall into the temptation of allocating your entire advertising budget towards online marketing, don’t forget that offline exposure is also valuable.

Leaving Comments on Social Media Posts and Videos

Nobody likes comment spam, especially when it doesn’t make sense and seems to be completely irrelevant in relation to the content of the post or video it’s published under. However, if you actually have something useful or entertaining to say, there’s no rule against leaving an abundance of real comments around the web. Look for creative ways to tie your brand, slogan, or products/services into comments for quick and easy piggybacking. If you can get people to like your comment and upvote it to a top comment on a popular blog post or video, that could result in substantial exposure for your brand in a very short period of time.

Sending Out Promotional Emails to a List of Subscribers

Building a list

of email subscribers who are genuinely interested in the content you provide will help you amass a pool of prospective leads that you can tap into at any time. Email marketing seems spammy and difficult in today’s “discard to spam folder” society, but the magic lies in the conversion rate. For a typical email list, you’ll get a conversion rate of about 1% to 4% – which means that for every 1000 people who receive your email (and open it) roughly 10 to 40 people will commit the desired call to action. That doesn’t seem amazing but the point is that it does work, especially at high volumes. Start building an email list and you won’t regret it later on.

Giveaways and Contests

Offering to give things away is a classic approach towards generating indiscriminate hype around a brand. After all, there are a lot of people who will sign up for anything that provides the chance at a large prize or sum of money. This is more of a tactic for generating widespread awareness than for directly gathering leads. Still, the attention and exposure will always be beneficial in one way or another because it helps your company become known as an authoritative presence in your niche.

When it comes to choosing a giveaway, choosing a custom product is definitely your first choice. A custom pin badge, for example, would be very meaningful. Custom pin badges can do more than just promote your brand but also can be kept for a long time and used in a variety of scenarios, your potential customers can choose to decorate their clothes, scarves, hats, and even shoes with them. It will remind them of your brand every time they see it.  It’s a great subliminal marketing tool, and with free shipping and no minimum order, gs-jj will help you make it happen. Customize Now!

Spreading Brand Awareness at Events and in Crowded Public Places

If you’ve ever been to a shopping mall, fairground, or beach boardwalk, you’ve probably seen this form of aggressive marketing in action. Street performers and musicians use this tactic as well to draw crowds in public places. The beauty of offline marketing is that there’s no such thing as a pop-up blocker in real life. On the internet, it’s easy to discard an ad and go on about your browsing session. When someone walks up to you and offers you a product sample or a brochure in real life, it’s not as easy to turn a cold shoulder without taking any notice.

Launching an Affiliate/Referral Program

Most affiliates will employ a well-rounded marketing strategy that includes aggressive marketing tactics, so by starting your own affiliate program you’ll be activating an army of marketers who will do various forms aggressive marketing for you. In case you’re completely clueless about how this works, you’re simply offering affiliates an incentive to market your products or services, usually in the form of a commission or percentage of the sales they facilitate.

Hire a Lead Generation Team

Similar to affiliate marketing, this step will give you a team of professionals working on your behalf to aggressively find and convert leads for your company. However, instead of paying a commission on every sale, you’d pay a flat rate per lead.

This is usually a good form of marketing for businesses that are trying to find high-value clients, as they can afford to compensate lead generation services accordingly since a single client will bring in thousands of dollars in profit. Lead generation services are always worth looking into because many firms will only charge you when they generate a lead, although you’ll need to open account with them an make an initial deposit to launch the campaign.

Every Marketing Method Has Its Merits

While certain kinds of marketing have gotten a bad rap over the years, every form of advertising has its place. As long as you’re using your discretion to keep promotional activities appropriate and respectful, there are no rules against getting out there and being a go getter. Try incorporating the eight tactics mentioned above into a diversified marketing approach, and you’re almost guaranteed to see an increase in leads and sales.