7 tips to get your first 100,000 Instagram followers


You will never have enough followers on Instagram unless you do not want to make more money.That is why you ought to always find ways to get more followers.

That makes Instagram marketing easy and practical. However, while just starting on Instagram, it may not be easy to get as many as followers as your competitors and influencers. Nevertheless, it is possible.

In this article, I will give you 7 tips that will help you get your first 100k Instagram followers. These tips include the use of an Instagram bot, tagging influencers, posting consistently, using focused hashtags, commenting on other’s posts, and using irresistible content.

Create DM Groups

Networking with influential people gives you the chance to get your first 100k followers.  But how do you network? You create DM groups in your niche that have more than 10k followers. The purpose of these groups is to support one another so that when you create a post on Instagram, they will help you by liking your photo as well as commenting.

How is that beneficial? You see, if you get many likes within the first hour of posting, Instagram will have your post on explore page, and that will increase your followers.

Use Focused Hashtags

You see, Instagram allows you to use only 30 hashtags. However, it doesn’t limit you to use all of them on one post, right? Go ahead and research the most focused hashtags that can gain traffic fast.

At least out of the 30 hashtags, there must be people who will find interest in one or more hashtags. So, don’t worry that you are using too much, you can even include them in the comment section so that when people start commenting, they will get buried and people will not take note of them. However, they will still be helping your post to reach more people.

Gradually Start Commenting On Posts

With a new account, you need to go slow in commenting and liking posts. Why? You don’t want people to think that you are spamming them neither do you want Instagram to mistaken you for the same. Of course, that comes with a ban. You do not want that to happen. So, avoid it. That is, don’t go beyond 80 likes in one hour or 25 comments.

So, just start by searching for the influencers in your niche them make a few comments every day and follow silently without commenting or liking.

Keep People Busy With Your Posts

Being consistent makes people remember you and follow you. Of course, they will start waiting for your photos or videos. However, you need to be consistent.

What about if you are not consistent?  People will not take note of you. In fact, if you can post twice or thrice in a day, the results will be better. But also, be orderly and chose the right time to make your posts.

Create Irresistible Yet Unique Content

Don’t just post an image.  Be unique and spend time on it. Yes, spend time editing it so that anyone who sees it marvels due to the creativity in it. If your posts are irresistible, you will be surprised that people will comment, share and tag others.

Within one hour, thousands of people will have commented and that, of course, makes Instagram have your photo on the explore page. Within no time, you hit the 100k and followers.

Use Instagram Bots

Some people will just follow you because of the high number of people following you. That is why, at times, using Instagram bots is wise. Why? Though the bots help bring fake followers along your way, it will bring real followers, too. The good thing is that it is cheap and will expose you to the world really fast and within a short time you’ll hit your target.

Tag An Influencer

This is workable especially if the person you have tagged loves your posts and reposts them on his wall, too. Automatically you get publicity, earn trust from his followers, and many will begin to follow you.

Alternatively, you can just mention their names and they could end up doing the same thing to you. It may end up being a win win game, and you get a whopping 100k followers.

You don’t have to struggle getting followers while there are ways you can get them. Try the tips above. You’ll definitely see results.