5 ways to get CGI influencer marketing right

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CGI influencer marketing is a great alternative to traditional influencer marketing. As it can cost you a lot less and you don’t have to deal with the problems associated with ‘real’ influencers. But you won’t automatically begin generating great results. For this, you need to follow a process that works.

Therefore, to help you get this right I have shared my top tips below…

Learn about your audience:

To get CGI influencer marketing right, you need to first understand your audience. This will help you devise a better strategy and pick the right CGI influencers.

So, spend an ample amount of time gathering as much information as you can about your target audience through surveys, interviews and publicly available data.

Create your strategy:

The next thing you must do is create your strategy. Here, you need to think about what you want to achieve and how you can achieve it by reaching your audience with the right influencers.

You should also consider your budget. This will help you decide which influencers (micro or macro) you can afford and how many posts you can pay for.

You will need to plan the time frame too. It is better to spread the posts over several weeks and months instead of getting them all to go live at once. This will help you easily figure out which influencer got the best results.

Find the influencers:

After you have a strategy in place you can begin looking for the influencers. With CGI influencers you have two options…

Working with existing agencies: If you have a short-term goal, you can simply go to an agency and work with the CGI influencers they have already built.

Create your own influencers:If your goals are more long term i.e. you want influencers who will promote your products and company for years, it would be better to create your own influencers. This will take a while as you need to grow the accounts before you begin promoting the products, but it is worth the investment as you will get more sales for cheaper in the long run.

The effort you put in now will pay in the future. But be careful with this approach as you need to get this right the first time.

You need to remember that you are creating a personality that your audience can associate with, and not just a robot. As Tal Melenboim says here, “Zoe Dvir is our first CGI influencer, she is a young, trendy, and inspirational figure whose message to her followers encourages them to be themselves – “You’re amazing just the way you are”

As you can see he didn’t create Zoe, his CGI influencer, arbitrarily. She has a personality and he developed her to fit into this after conducting plenty of research. She is also very young which makes her perfect for Instagram (the network she has an account on) as it is frequented by younger users.

Get the agencies to post:

If you have decided to work with influencers owned by an agency, you can begin creating the posts. Make sure you place emphasis on the photos here. You need to publish a photo of the CGI influencer using the product. If it is a piece of clothing, the influencer needs to be wearing it. While if it is food you need to show the influencer eating it and so on.

Also ensure that they write some good copy that really sells the product. It should also include a call to action and instructions on how to find the product. But don’t sound too salesy as it needs to be in the influencers’ own words. And don’t forget to add some hashtags as they can increase engagement.

Track post performance:

The final step that will be left for you to do is to track the performance. This will help you filter the influencers that bring results from the ones that don’t. So, you will know who to work with in future campaigns. Also, if you ever decide to create a CGI influencer in the future (or more of them if you already have one) you will have a better idea on the influencer you need to model it around.


This is the step by step process you need to follow to get CGI influencer marketing right. It will ensure that you get the exact results you are looking for both in the short term and long term.