5 tips to grab the attention of passing customers

Give them a reason to stop

The biggest thing that will get attention from passers-by is having a reason to stop. What are you offering that’s different from anybody else? Do you have a limited time offer? A late-notice opening for an appointment? Play on your customers wants and needs to get them in. Everybody loves offers and new things, so use that as a start!

Create a window display

Changing window displays is a great way of catching attention as people notice change. Whether it’s a seasonal display of new things or a latest offer you’d like to promote, make sure that it’s eye catching.

If you don’t have a product to sell to put in the window, you could use displays such as pull up banners to show off your services. Whether it’s a travel agents showing the dream of a faraway destination, or a computer repair shop showing the joy of somebody who isn’t going to throw their computer out of a window, there is a way to show your services in the best light for every business.

Use sharp images and a minimal amount of text to grab attention.

Think outside the shop

Your shop is only as big as your shop, but if people don’t turn their heads toward your premises, then they’re never going to find the reason why they need to come in. Think about using outdoor displays such as pavement signs, or advertising on railings nearby to advertise your latest offer. Just make sure you contact the relevant authorities before advertising outdoors to receive permission.


If you have a new offer and need a stampede of people through your door, try leafleting in the local area to raise awareness of your shop. Make sure your leaflets reflect your brand. Using printed paper may make your business look unprofessional, whereas glossy prints will help your brand to enforce itself as a professional business that grabs attention. Just watch out for typos and grammatical errors.

Host events

From having VIP events for your most loyal customers to give them special discounts to planning training sessions related to your products, it’s a great way of keeping the attention of your customers over a longer time.