5 digital marketing trends 2019

digital marketing trends

In 2019, you won’t need to get down to the brass tacks only, as there are more to come and some have already come to use for your digital marketing business.

The different channels are still favourite to market the brand in the world, such as websites, blogs, social media, video content etc., and they are still believed to be the golden keys that can open doors of welcoming business revenues.

Many entrepreneurs now have realisedthat this is not enough to remain competitive though, staying ahead of the curve is the key.

If you are struggling with your hard-to-get-results campaigns then below 5digital marketing trends of 2019 will prove to be the real sledgehammer to crack a nut.

So, read on if you want to bring new changes in your digital marketing business.

Product Placement in Real Time (Augmented Reality)

There were many advancements we have seen in augmented reality in thepastcouple of years.

Just like Amazonor Ikea, the testing placement of furniture, décor, or any equipment is that easy in real time. People place those things in their rooms with the help of their smartphones, andthen they decide to buy the products after they plan out the whole placement.

If you are doing business on Amazon, then taking advantage of this AR product visualisation facility will certainly help your customers.


IGTV launched by Instagram allows you to create story videos in a vertical format. As it is a bit different from YouTube’s horizontal videos, IGTV has set a new trendof telling your story to the world.

If you are creating promotional videos, then this feature of Instagram will certainly help you do something creative in your business.

Evergreen Content

Yes,we know it is not new, but still,it is alive. Evergreencontent is immortal. The solution, DIYs, tutorials, how-tos etc.are all that never get outdated.

Let your cat out of the bag; create something that people like to come over again and again to read. If you are not good at it, then you better hire any competitive White Label SEO agency who also deals in such type of content.

Voice Marketing

Around 40% grownups use voice search on a daily basis.

Facts showthat the voice recognition business would cross the $40 billion by2022. With a surgein usage of voice-based products such as google assistant, Siri and Alexa,it is common for voice searches to progress tremendously.

Business people have to take advantage of this particular advancement because voice searches don’t work in the same manner as typical text-based searches.

Mobile Marketing

The buzz of smartphones on the market havemade geofencing a must-have for entrepreneurs looking to get the interest ofthe target markets. With RFID, wireless Bluetooth and Gps navigation systems, geofencing has the capacity tosend specific communications to prospective customers within a particular area.

This modern technology has countless uses for buyers, such as using smart devices, getting grocery store list notifications when near any retail store and also opening the drivewaydoors.