5 Creative Ways to Generate Hype and Promote Business


With stiff competition and advance in technology, your business can adopt new techniques of advertising and can use a broad range of advertising platforms such as social media to get the word out there.

The main idea is to draw attention and awareness to showcase your business and services offered.

  1. Creating awareness. Business looking to raise their profile in their local region can easily target their local or professional community, always a good way to focus attention. You can use T-shirts, pens, keyrings bags and other promotional products branded with your business logo for promotional at local events such as local fayres, schools fates, prizes for competitions and sporting or charity events.
  1. Events. Participating at an event can be a great to promote your company and brand . Through events, you celebrate, teach and inform in the process of having fun. Banners can promote the events with your company logo and information. Other popular giveaways at an event  include promotional materials such as branded coffee mugs, printed notebooks, and branded pens. Throughout an event, you will be able to promote business ideas to a diverse group of people. By giving away promotional products you will create awareness and lease the recipients with a lasting impression about your company. The product you give should be relevant to the event or your services and reflect your brand image and values.
  1. Promotional Giveaways.  Promotional  giveaways help create product awareness and customer loyalty simultaneously. It is essential the products you give form the correct impression and have been well branded with a clear and precise message. The products can be creative and well thought out, for example, using specific colours or products related to the service you offer. Such kind of marketing should be carefully done so as not to pass wrong information to potential consumers. How you market and organise the giveaways gives can great awareness not matter what the industry.
  1. Get Brand Sponsorships. Sponsorships are a great way to create brand awareness being at an event, sponsoring an event itself or an individual or teams can make your business both visible and credible to a prospect and a current client. If you part of a sponsored event such as a trade shows or sporting event, your brand can will have more chance of being remembered, especially when giving dual branded promotional items featuring your Brand along with the sponsorship logo.
  1. Conduct a survey Conducting a survey draws attention from consumers. By conducting research you can create awareness from consumers. Involve them in the questions asked so they can feel as if they are part of your business and involved in your improvements, changes and growth. By offering a free promotional gift or voucher on completion of a questionnaire will help to get more engagement and useful information that you can use to target prospects or improve the service you offer. Use your website and social media to expand your reach to clients. The more  creative you are the more interest you can expect to receive, remember to think from the recipients point of view and why they should want to help. If it’s not working do not give up take what you have learned and try again and again  It will be time and effort well spent as it can draw attention to your business and service to new clients as well as current customers.