4 reasons why your marketing strategy could fail

Effective marketing means stepping back, doing your homework, and (usually) starting over from scratch.

Marketing strategies can often be born from a trial and error method; as we identify strategies that work, we keep them for future use and discard the ones that didn’t bring back good results.

Depending on whether you’re an agency, small business or global organisation, you’ll need a tailored marketing strategy that directly targets the areas that will bring in an impressive return.

Even when things seem perfectly in place, your strategy could still go wrong somewhere along the line; it only takes the smallest of errors or misjudgement to throw your marketing plan off track. Luckily, most marketing mistakes are easily corrected if identified. So, with that in mind, what are some of the reasons that can contribute to a failed marketing strategy?

You’ve lost sight of your customers’ needs

You might feel like you had the perfect marketing strategy that covered all bases from paid search to content marketing, but it didn’t do as well as you thought; why? There’s a strong chance you have lost your customers somewhere on their journey. Whether you didn’t create enough touch points between the brand and consumer, or your marketing technique didn’t quite sell the right message to the buyer, your prospective customers will drop off quicker than you think.

It’s important to remember that customers are unlikely to come back to a business off their own back; they need to be guided in the right direction by consistent, relevant marketing efforts.

There is also the risk that your marketing strategy is misaligned in some way with either the wider corporate or product strategies. Often, the marketing department isn’t properly integrated with the rest of the company and this can mean you miss vital steps.

You’re using outdated technology

Marketing, particularly digital marketing, is moving at such a fast pace that it’s easy to get left behind. Before you know it, you’re still following SEO tactics from 5 years ago and wondering why your strategy isn’t delivering. The technology you use within your strategies is crucial and it changes rapidly.

Much of the technology you need will enhance the customer experience, so don’t get stuck in your comfort zone. Find out what other marketers are using to fuel their efforts and understand what could give you an advantage.

Keep one eye on tech’s relationship to digital marketing and you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what software or solutions your brand needs.

You’re following similar strategies to your competitors

Your marketing strategy needs a unique selling point; it’s not going to grab customers’ attention by following the same pattern as everyone else in your industry. Make sure you’re not recycling ideas; or if you are, put your own twist on them and make it stand out.

Customers need to differentiate between products or services, so focus your strategies on what makes you different. Write your own compelling story with a unique and approachable personality to attract the customers you need.

You’re not tracking the right data

An analytical approach to marketing is essential if you’re looking for results. Measuring your campaigns and strategies in order to demonstrate impressive numbers to the powers above is so important.

However, you need to make sure you’re looking at the right data to reflect your hard work. Should you report on the number of page views, conversions or even how many unique visitors have been brought to your website? It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your strategy; if you’re not reporting on the right data, the point of your marketing campaign may be missed completely.