Your smartphone may be making you fat

obese smartphone use

Just like watching television, heavy use of a smartphone promotes an inactive life, which is the major contributor to obesity.

On the contrary, most people in weightlifting who take enhancement gear like somatropin rarely have time for their smartphones. If they do, they use them to browse useful information that promotes fitness or to make important calls. A smartphone can contribute to weight gain in many ways like the ones enumerated below.

Phone Games Instead of Real Sports

Most of us remember the addictive effect that video games have on someone. The developers have now brought these games into our phones to ensure that people have them on the go. We see people leaning towards their phones in parks, trains and even at home. This is all at the expense of real sports, which help in shedding weight. Some people do well in smartphone soccer but have never participated in real soccer.

Social Media Addiction

Social media consumes much smartphone usages per person on average. Research indicates that a person with a smartphone and access to the internet will log in to a social media site every day. On the contrary, people do not engage in active lives on a daily basis. Sitting for a long time chatting with friends and groups on social media takes away all the time to do other things like exercising.

No Time to Focus on Healthy Eating

Preparing your food promotes healthy eating. Unfortunately, the smartphone has used up all the time people need to prepare food. The only easy thing remaining is to pull up a restaurant app and order some food to be delivered. Needless to say, most of the food delivery companies deal with junk foods like pizza, fried chicken, fries and burgers. All these contribute to making one fat no matter how we view them.

Distracts from Workout Schedule

Making a workout schedule is one thing while following it is totally another. Your smartphone could be the main reason you have been missing a couple of gym sessions every week. Some people get so occupied catching up with social media that they are late for gym classes. Others wake up and grab the phone, and they end up using the morning run time on their phones. Smartphones cause major distractions, leading to poor or no exercise for many people.

Going to Sleep Late

There are numerous people who go to sleep late because of browsing through their smartphones. Surprisingly, these devices have numerous capabilities that can glue someone to them. You could be reading an interesting post on your favorite blog, chatting on social media, making a video to share with friends or playing a game. Poor sleeping habits promote weight gain in many ways. The body will also function poorly mostly because of fatigue.


Finally, we have to say that a smartphone is one of the reasons that you are becoming fat. We need to plan and reduce the time we use electronic devices. Additionally, what you do with the smartphone matters a lot. To promote a fit and healthy life, take advantage of apps and websites that advise on weight loss procedures.