Why you need a mobile booster


A buffering internet connection is one of the most irritating issues in today’s high-tech world.

However, it is a problem you can easily overcome with a mobile booster. Sadly, no mobile phone provider can guarantee a good mobile phone signal across the country. This means there will always be some homes, offices and locations that suffer from low bars.

A mobile phone signal boostercan pick up even the weakest of phone signals and amplify them to give your mobile phone full bars. EE signal boosters and Vodafone signal boosters are available to give your phone a helping hand if you live or work in a low signal area. Here we explain exactly how a mobile booster works and why you should consider getting one to amplify your home’s reception.

How Does A Mobile Booster Work?

The majority of EE signal boosters and Vodafone signal boosters are made up of four main parts; an exterior antenna, an interior antenna, a signal booster and a cable. The exterior antenna will detect existing mobile signals, even if they are very weak, and amplify them to a useable level. These amplified signals are sent to the internal antenna and the rebroadcasted into your home, office or vehicle.

Seven Reasons Why You Need A Mobile Booster

Whether you need a Vodafone signal booster or another popular network, there are many benefits to using a mobile booster to resolve connectivity issues.

1.    Easy To Install And Use

Mobile boosters are easy to install yourself by simply connecting the provided antennas to the signal amplifier and positioning it in an area of your home that can pick up a weak mobile signal. If you need an EE signal booster or a Vodafone signal booster, usually one booster will work for various networks. As a result, there is no need to install more than one bit of kit if multiple networks are used within your home.

2.    Strong Signals

Spotty and unreliable coverage can result in weak signal and dropped calls. This can be a nightmare, especially within offices or if you work from home and rely on having a good mobile signal. Many building materials such as concrete basements and vaulted ceilings can interfere with cellular signals. Even poor weather can have an adverse effect on phone call clarity. Mobile boosters can prevent these obstacles from obstructing your connectivity by amplifying a stronger signal into your home.

3.    Boost Any Network Signal

By operating on 1800MHz frequency, mobile boosters are compatible with most network carriers in the country. Consequently, making them perfect for Vodafone signal boosters, EE signal boosters and a variety of other mobile networks. If you need to boost the signal in an office or home where various network providers are used, then one cellular booster can often work for multiple networks.

4.    Increased Battery Life

When your phone is always searching for a decent mobile signal, it can rapidly decrease the battery life. Having a stronger phone signal from a mobile booster will use less power for sending and receiving data, as well as making phone calls. If you find your phone draining very quickly and you live or work in a low signal area, then investing in an EE signal booster could make a massive difference to your mobile phones battery life. 

5.    Uninterrupted Browsing

In today’s modern world, we rely on our mobile phones more than ever. Whether checking the football score, reading the news or checking work emails; we use smartphones for a countless number of daily activities. Consequently, having a weak mobile signal can majorly disrupt productivity. It also leaves us disconnected from the always-on digital world we live in. A mobile booster means no more missing out on essential notifications and waiting for web pages to buffer.

6.    Faster Uploads and Downloads

Whether you often browse YouTube, watch Netflix or stream Spotify, a Vodafone signal booster can improve both your upload and download speeds. It can also give you a seamless mobile experience. A mobile booster in your home ensures your cellular signal is high-quality day-in and day-out with minimal loading times. Modern technology is designed to make browsing and streaming quick and easy. A poor signal can make you feel like you’re back in the dial-up era.

7.    Get More For Your Money

Finally, mobile phone contracts are pricey. The chances are you are paying for a large amount of data every month. Having a weak cellular signal means you can’t make the most of the data you are paying for and integrating a mobile booster into your home or office allows you to get more for your money.