What you should know about Filippo Loreti watch company?

The concept behind the birth of Filippo Loreti is simple: providing premium watches with no markups.

Every watch is created differently, most in higher leagues than others. Rolling out watches with superior aesthetics, premium craftsmanship, and impressive capabilities, Filippo Loreti boasts of a range of desirable accessories.

Adorable works of art, when made by the right brand. It isn’t surprising that the Filippo Loreti brand is amongst the big leagues when it comes to premium watch designs that leave the wearer floating in seventh heaven. As such, you cannot look past our brand if you wish to merge function, fashion, and affordability in design.

Unmatched in delicate craftsmanship and intricate designs, each series inspired by laudable heroes, the Filippo Loreti brand represents elegance and prestige in horology. Look no further than our website for quartz watches, moonphase watches, watches with chronographcomplication, brilliant hues of watches for men and women, and of course, other watch accessories.


Proudly founded in 2015 by brothers Danielius and Matas Jakutis while still in their mid-20s, Filippo Loreti has done well for itself within less than a decade of launching the brand. Set up at a time when luxury watches were sold at ridiculously high prices, the brand sought to bridge the gap between luxury and affordability. In doing so, Filippo Loreti founders sourced the best watch craftsmen who would go the extra mile for premium watch materials and manufacture quality watches for sale at more than 50% less than what similar brands would offer. Hence, their business model revolves around intricately designed premium wristwatches at a fraction of the market price.


It is common practice to see a watch from premium manufacturers displayed in different catalogues and jewelry stores. At Filippo Loreti, they pride themselves on credibility and cost control. For that reason, they have ensured that their timepieces can only be found and purchased at their online store and shipped directly to customers. As seen on the Filippo Loreti website, markups at other luxury brands lead to up to 4,000% sales price peak when compared to the cost of production since middlemen – wholesalers, retailers, traditional ad agents – will have to be paid. Picturing this figure, imagine how much you save for every purchase you make at Filippo Loreti. Alternatively, you save up to 75% in buying premium Filippo Loreti watches when compared to other premium watch brands.

Filippo Loreti’s direct sales approach effectively eliminates these middlemen, in turn, reducing the overall costs at the same time offering massive discounts on every model.


Indeed, what marvels Filippo Loreti’s customers the most is their ability to produce an exquisite range of watches per order. For every model that is displayed on their website, they have considered the details and specifications of a particular customer and you can choose a watch model to your taste. Filippo Loreti only stock limited edition designs, each likely to be ‘sold out’ in a wink but likely to be restocked depending on orders.


Filippo Loreti’s watch models are so distinct yet similar. Thanks to premium craftsmanship, they pay attention to intricate details. The watch materials – from Swarovski to stainless steel and Sapphire Crystals – are sourced from branded sellers. That explains why every of their design carries a mark of warranty up to 10 years within which you can return your watch for anomalies as covered in the 30 days return policy.

It only gets better!

A high number of Filippo Loreti’s watches are also water-resistant, starting from 30m to 100m depending on the watch series. Recently, they revamped their watch game by upgrading to Sapphire Crystals instead of hardened minerals to further increase the scratch-proof nature of many of their watches. Even then, Filippo Loreti’s prices have always remained the same.


Every of the Filippo Loreti watch series is named after an icon whose heritage carefully highlights the specifications of that watch. As such, each watch bears an iconic case back artwork (sometimes including the crown), to pay homage to these heroes.

  • Ascari Series – Image of a Racing car depicting Alberto Ascari’s legacy
  • Chronus Series – Image of Chronus, the god of time
  • Odyssey Series – Image of two regal Seahorses
  • Okeanos Series – Image of the Trident of Oceanus, the god of River Okeanos
  • Pilot Series – Image of the Eagle, signifying flight and freedom


Count on Filippo Loreti for the rarest colors in watches. You can play around different outfits with these boisterous hues, whether it is moss, rose gold, or brilliant blue. Honestly, there is a watch for every outfit and any occasion at Filippo Loreti.

Since brothers founders started this brand, they have never strayed from their unique selling points and business policies. As the Filippo Loreti brand approaches its fifth year in business, what is to be expected are more trendy, out-of-the-world collections for fashionable men and women.