VW Vaping: Habit or hobby

A wide range of topics are covered about vaping such as flavors, coil builds and such, but the subject of vaping being a habit or hobby is hardly broached.

When you really start to consider this, you take a look around at all your vaping devices, e-liquids, and tools and think, “how the heck did I get here?”.

For many, vaping didn’t start out as either habit or hobby. You simply wanted to quit smoking and had been ineffective at doing so for many years until someone put a vape pen in your hand and changed your life.

As time passes, you may note that it has become more of a habit, the same as smoking was for you. But in a good way. It helps your nicotine craving, which lessens as time has passed, and it’s cool to try out the flavors that you love.

Perhaps it is a nice hobby that doubles as a habit. Maybe you like collecting all the unique and interesting mods out there, like the Tesla Steampunk Nano120W mod. Its vintage design combined with super cool metal finishes makes for a pretty addition to any vaper’s collection.

These thoughts and queries were taken to the mean streets of Facebook to see what the community thought. So a poll was created on social media to find out people’s answers to the question: is vaping a habit or hobby for you? Check out the results, and some written responses below. Then feel free to join the conversation.

A whopping 207 people claimed vaping has become a habit for them, while only 51 said it was a hobby. About 20 people said it was both and 2 more said they hadn’t even started vaping yet but wanted to. Let’s take a look at some written responses from our group members to see what they had to say about their vape journey.

Vaping is a hobby for me. I like learning new things and seeing how different mods, tanks, and wires work in different combinations. Getting the “perfect” airflow, build, and wick for me and my husband is something I look forward to.” –Tamara G., Facebook e-juice group

For me, while I say that it is a habit, I also need to clarify I’ve had more health benefits than simply quitting smoking and getting to 0mg nicotine with my journey into a vaping habit and kicking the smoking habit. My blood sugar and A1C are lower, and I’ve also lost weight because of vaping.” Christine G., Facebook e-juice group

“It’s both a habit and a hobby for me. I still get the nic cravings even with it being 3.5 years since I’ve quit smoking. I started with the old Ego pens but once I started using mods, it started to become a hobby with learning to build using RDAs/RDTAs, DIY making my own juice, and wanting to try different mods.”

Brian K., Facebook e-juice group

As you can see, we got quite a mixed bag of answers but there’s one thing that remains constant and that’s the obvious life-changing effects that vaping has had on everyone.

No matter if it’s a hobby that you enjoy by learning to build coils, making your own juice, and finding new flavors or it’s habit that has helped you to kick the other stinkier one, there is one thing that is for certain: vaping is absolutely here to stay for us to enjoy for years to come.

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