UK SMEs feel calm ahead of Brexit

Brexit readiness

UK SMEs reported feeling calm about their business ahead of Brexit on 31st January, according to a new survey.

The survey involved businesses from varied sectors including manufacturing, engineering, recruitment, logistics and other specialist services.

The data collected showed that over 50% of businesses reported feeling calm about their business with regards to Brexit, with a further 27% reporting that they feel excited about the future prospects of their businesses.

The past few months of uncertainty leading up to and following the general election and the impending Brexit day have filled many business-owners with apprehension when considering the future of their businesses.

With the countdown to Brexit shortening, UK businesses are preparing themselves for any changes that may need to be addressed. Despite assumed fear of what Brexit will bring, it appears that UK SMEs are feeling calm and positive towards the event.

Greg Bell, Managing Director of Skipton Business Finance, who commissioned the survey, said: “The past three years have arguably had quite an effect on UK SMEs and their confidence in what the future may hold,”

“It is very important to us that these businesses are feeling positive and calm about Brexit and we are confident that providing businesses with the support of funding through invoice finance has positively influenced this result.” He added.