Traffic Puma: There’s a New Puma in Town

There’s a new puma in town, and affiliate marketing for the iGaming niches may never be the same again.

Affiliate marketing is not something new.

And more and more people become affiliates each day. Setting up sites that are in direct competition with everyone else. The only problem is that to manage a top ranking for these niches; you need to target the right keywords.

And have the right off-page processes in place.

Again, this is nothing new. The new part has to do with the following: responsibility.

Responsibility and Wisdom

Many countries are making rules and regulations stricter. One of the last out was the UK.

“It is definitely important to follow the rules and regulations for the market you target,” says Traffic Puma CEO Ken Larsen, “and this has been our priority from day one for all of our projects.”

And you can clearly see this on the site

Wisegambler is a sports betting and online casino review site for the UK market, it was launched in April 2018 and had a flying start from the very first day.

“I think our research and intelligence reports were correct, and our strategy focusing on great and relevant content, with extra care to explain responsibility-issues to our users, has paid off,” he says.

Wise Investment

“Until now, most affiliate sites have focused on the fun and lucrative aspects of gambling online. But we will also talk about the issues casinos write about in fine print. The stuff most affiliates don’t want to mention at all”, says Larsen.

This could turn out to be a very wise thing to do.

Because as most affiliate sites will struggle to keep up the pace with frontrunners such as Traffic Puma and Wisegambler, we will probably see a complete shift in search positions for the iGaming markets and niches. These new contenders, with their specialized, more qualitative content, might just get some points from Google’s search algorithms.

And then, big changes may occur.

The Big Ones Will Make It

The big players will make it because they have all the information they need and are already in the process of making the necessary changes. But the mid-level companies and the individual player might suffer. Or face some expensive new content for their sites.

“It always pays to be thorough in the long run,” says Larsen, and adds: “But, clearly, this apparently makes it more difficult for small players. There is a huge cost involved in making content that users like and that ranks and not everybody will do what is necessary. Perhaps some will switch niches”.

2018 and Beyond for the Affiliate Business

We’ll see. But the best tip so far is to be aware of all changes in relevant country legislation and to have a look at content routines and material.

Take some inspiration from Traffic Puma.