Top reasons to make that switch from spreadsheets to business management software

As spreadsheets become an evermore outdated way of managing your business operations, it is time to make that drastic transition to software.

While spreadsheets can be a great way to keep company information stored via an online system, storing data is not the only primary concern for businesses. Emerging companies also want to analyse, present and plan data for future usage. This is where business management software steps in. Whatever work sector you specialise in, your business needs the right tools to succeed.

Read further to hear the main reasons why your business needs to make the move to management software.

Offers a Better Grasp of Data

Data is difficult to keep on top of as your SME continues to develop. With the Data Protection Act continuously introducing more policies for companies to comply against, it is vital for your business to have full control over employee and customer data. If a software provider offers a cloud-based server with security measures in place, such as backup systems, your data should be kept safe. An integrated system which keeps all data in one place reduces the chance of lost or disorganised information.

Enhances Productivity and Organisation

You probably get tired of hearing that productivity is the key to a successful business. Well, it’s not the only key, but it certainly has an impact. A report by Capterra found that productivity software is the number one priority in a small business’ tech budget. Many software providers have automated processes, meaning that instead of wasting time on admin duties, employees can proceed with other tasks which will benefit other areas of the company.

Saves Costs in the Long-Run

Although most spreadsheet applications are free, they still don’t offer the beneficial features that software does. Most providers offer an all-in-one system which helps manage all your business commodities in one place. This means you only need to invest in one piece of software without fussing about others.

With so many software providers offering a diverse amount of features to help control business commodities like invoices and assets, your company gets fantastic value for money. One service management software provider named Joblogic has saved its users an average of over £200 per year (Joblogic deals with SME where users can range from 1-500+). Also, management software can replace the need for paperwork and other office supplies, ultimately saving your company money.

Improves Communication Between Departments

One of the most common mistakes which businesses can make is to not include all employees with information about business performance. A survey of 2000 employees in the UK and the US found that 25% have, or know someone who has left a job because they were not included in the business’ performance. Although some spreadsheet programs like Google Sheets allows employees to view data at simultaneous times, other features which allow a company to visualise their performance, are also valued. For example, a reputable field management software can offer features like reporting and dashboards which allow businesses to see financial changes and other important factors in report forms.

 Invigorates Business as a Whole

When all these changes are being made to your SME, you will see developments in other aspects. Customer satisfaction will increase because you are more efficient and finishing jobs on time. Employees will be happier as they are less stressed and more focused on their own tasks. Currently, these might be aspects which your company struggles to keep to a high standard. With the right software in place, your business should soon see these transformations.

Overall, business management software offers your SME a lot of ways to grow. Using spreadsheets can unintentionally stunt your company’s growth, not giving it the functions to reach its full potential.