How you can claim criminal injury compensations

According to the UK legislation, the victims of crimes in UK can solicit and receive financial compensations.

These are settled by an important authority, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority or CICA as it is known in UK. The cases where victims ask for criminal injury compensations are treated extremely serious in UK, and it is suggested in most cases to ask for legal assistance offered by a criminal lawyer in UK.

How to apply for criminal injury compensations in UK

Persons who are victims of crimes in UK have the right to solicit criminal injury compensations, also known as financial payments for which they are entitled.

The application starts with a statement in this sense, in writing or over the phone with the authorities in charge.

The following steps involve a complete verification of the case, meaning that claimants must provide complete information about the incident, if it was reported to the police and if the authorities took some measures in this sense.

It is good to know that the police and the officer in charge of your case can deliver the necessary information to CICA.

Or even better, the defence solicitor who represents you in front of the authorities can intervene in this direction and offer the necessary details at the time you want to apply for criminal injury compensations in UK.

Persons who can claim compensations in UK

All victims of violent crimes, whether they took place at home, at work, or in the street can ask for criminal injury compensations in UK. Likewise, CICA is in charge of dealing with such cases, the verification in this sense, in order to establish the eligibility of applicants and also the payments. We remind that any act of violence should be reported to the police.

Otherwise, victims of crimes in UK cannot ask for criminal injury compensations. In the same category enter the UK citizens who have been victims of violence outside the country and who cannot ask for such reimbursements.

In any case, it is more than recommended to ask for complete legal support, in order to benefit from the proper result regarding the compensations for victims of violent acts in UK.