Tips to help you learn the french language

Learning any language undoubtedly can be a stressful task, but when done correctly, it can be made into a more enjoyable learning experience. This is your opportunity to explore a completely new culture, so why shouldn’t that be enjoyed?

If you want to go forward in your learning of the French language, there’s a few techniques that you need to make use of. Before you take these tips into consideration, you need to ensure your attitude to the process is on track. If you feel completely de-motivated and have no real interest in the subject, it may be worth putting your efforts into something else.

For those who are ready to speed up their learning, take a read of the following 6 tips.

Make Use of Online Tools and Services

Listening to French audio recordings will aid you significantly, as you need to be fully immersed in all aspects of the language if you wish to learn it correctly. Simply reading French text will not teach you how to correctly pronounce certain phrases or master the accent. If you don’t feel you can sit through hours of random voice recordings, watch some French films instead.

If you are learning French for business (e.g. if you are working with a French client), then you need to be much more selective in the tools you use. Don’t rely on free translators to interpret the language, as this will restrict what you learn and may hinder your communication. Stay professional and invest in the help of experts in French translation for accuracy.

Use Visuals

Since we were children, visuals have always been one of the biggest aids for us when learning, and this hasn’t changed. If you start relating words to a specific image, it will help you retain them. For the majority of words you try to learn, print off an image that represents each one. You could turn this into a game where you have to match up the image with the corresponding word. Get creative with it and it will feel like less of a chore.

Study French in Short Intervals

The French language is complex, and it can’t be learnt overnight. Instead of trying to cram in hours of study every single day, break it up into smaller intervals. Just doing 15 minutes a day will work wonders, as you won’t lose focus and it will turn into a daily habit. This method will stop you from losing interest and getting overly frustrated.

Start Relating French to Your Own World

As previously mentioned, you need to fully immerse yourself in the language. Bring it into your everyday life by labelling objects around the house, so even when you’re not sat down studying, your still surrounded by it.

Study in Groups:

Once you start speaking to other people in French, you will gain a better understanding of how to hold a conversation in the language. Speaking to someone else is a lot different to practicing by yourself. Just think about how we all learned our native language: we heard our parents and those around us talking in it. Studying in a group will also allow you to get help on anything you’re struggling with.

Review and Revise:

Learning new things is important, but going back to the roots is just as significant. Once you feel comfortable in what you’ve learned, go back over it. Even when you move onto something new, it will benefit you to go over past lessons. The last thing you want is to forget something you spent hours on, and have to do it all over again!

Learning doesn’t have any age attached to it, so you can take up a new language whenever you choose. Before doing so, ensure you are fully committed and willing to endure every aspect of the process.

The tips that are mentioned above can be of great help to you if you take them on board. So, put your all into learning the language and try to maximise your experience through various forms of media. If you’re seriously struggling, get help from a translation company or instructor.